Monday, 3 April 2017

Facebook Stories - How To Make Use Of It?

Last week Facebook released its new feature on appFacebook Stories and joined the “Stories” bandwagon.
Like Snapchat, Facebook stories has a direct messaging feature and an in-app camera filters as the networking giant aims to "let your camera do the talking".
What are Facebook Stories?
Facebook stories allows you to post images or 20-second long videos on your timeline, stories will disappear after 24 hours.
Like Snapchat you can add filters to the image and footage and make it more interesting when sharing your updates with your followers and this feature is app based only.
At the top of the Facebook app you will see a collection of circles, these are the stories created by your friends. You need to simply tap on the story and enjoy!
How do I create a Facebook Story?

Simply tap the camera icon in the top left corner of the screen, like you do on Instagram. Then a camera screen will come up, which you can put in selfie mode or camera mode. Simply snap away or record a short video. You will then see a white circle with an arrow in it which, when tapped, will take you to the 'share photo page'.
This is where you can choose to send it to a particular person or persons, add to your Facebook timeline, or add to 'your story'. Like Instagram and Snapchat you can add text, emojis, borders and filters to your Facebook stories.

Can I create Facebook Stories on Brand Pages?
No, Facebook stories are limited to user profiles only. You can create stories on your personal profile only.
How can I use this to influence my audience or how to monetize this?
You can use this feature to show quick updates like posting feeds from an event or creating buzz for a new product or for a new post on your blog or your latest buy.
You can monetize your stories basis the number of views received on them. As they stay for just 24 hours so selling stories as a standalone is not a good idea. You can club this with the Facebook post and show your cumulative influence to the brand. 

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