Thursday, 2 February 2017

Influencer Marketing Outlook 2017 - Influencers Side

  • Instagram followed by LIVE Video will be the upcoming channels.
  • Engagement continues to be a top success metric while working with brands.
  • Social Amplification is the key ROI metric brand expects while collaborating with influencers.

The report on Influencer Marketing Trends in India - 2017 was released by Blogmint, Asia’s leading influencer marketing platform & blogging community that connects social influencers and brands. With digital natives following social influencers (Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers and Twitteratis), influencer marketing is all set to grow exponentially in the near future.
According to the data, 49% influencers says that "Instagram" is the upcoming channel, 29% says "LIVE video", 15% says "YouTube" while other 7% give preference to "Snapchat".

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Also, Social media continues to be a key driver for a blog traffic. 83% of influencers use "Social Media Marketing" for blog traffic, 42% influencers prefer "SEO", 27% believes in "Guest Posting" while other remaining use "E-mailers" and "Paid Marketing" for blog traffic.

Blog monetization is must for bloggers to show their presence in market. You’d need to market your blog just as you’d market your business. Report also states that 62% bloggers are monetizing their blog someway or other.

The study also described the sources used by influencers for monetizing the social presence. 60% influencers are monetizing their social presence through "Sponsored Post", 57% through "Google Adsense", 55% through "Product Reviews", 51% through "Affiliate Marketing", 31% via "Contest" and 18% through "Brand Ambassadors".

According to the infographic, 78% Brands typically want to reach their audience through "Product Reviews", 67% through "Sponsored Content", 50%  through "Contest or Giveaways", 42% through "Affiliate Links" while other 24% through "Ambassadorships"

Engagement continues to be the most important success metric for influencer programs in 2017. However, businesses would analyse the success based on end-result along with likes, shares and comments, which are awareness driven.

According to the infograph, "Earning Money" followed by "Increasing reach" are top motivation for influencers to collaborate with brands.

Infograph also stated that "Social Following" followed by "Brand Niche" are the top factors brand should look at while collaborating with influencers.

According to influencers, 75% marketers expects "Social Amplification" from their blog posts, 67% marketers expect "Website Traffic" while 40% marketers expects sales.

Going further, 45% influencers says that "creative freedom" is what they expect while working with brands.

Here's the entire Infographic on Influencer Marketing Outlook 2017 - Influencer Side.

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