Friday, 10 February 2017

Event: Nasscom Product Conclave, 2017 (EcoSystem Partner: Blogmint)

Nasscom Product Conclave, 2017 witnessed huge participation by marketers who are also marketing technologists, creative technologist, data scientist, digital strategist and digital marketers.

Blogmint partnered as ECOSYSTEM PARTNER for this event with Nasscom. We sent 2 social influencers to cover this event on their social platforms and blog.

The overall objective of conducting this event was to

  • Highlight the Next Big Thing in India Product Story. 
  • Sharing of knowledge by successful entrepreneurs and investors. 
  • Discuss best practices. 
  • Provide platform for product entrepreneurs and start-ups to network. 
  • Promote and market products and solutions. 

Serial entrepreneurs, CIOs, investors, customers, incubators and accelerators participated and engaged in this event with actionable insights under one roof. Product Showcase and business connect programs were integral part of the agenda.

Also, great product were showcased in front of the market leaders and were presented to all attendees.

Going further, event also had variety of workshops like-

Workshop 1: SaaS Products: Go-to- Market in 180 days

With the help of this workshop everyone was able to understand SaaS in a better way. SaaS, the real problem-solving power, will help you to face the market in just 180 days.

Workshop 2: Designing for User Engagement

This workshop will covere how all social metrics work, and why they imply greater engagement from users.

Workshop 3: Product Marketing 

The success of every product lies in its customer base and brand value. This workshop covered how to develop an end to end product marketing strategy for technology products.

Workshop 4: Selling to South East Asia

This workshop taught everyone on how you can expand your product in South East Asia.

Response to our readers:

To build an audience and a presence, your social media strategy should focus on three broad categories:
  • Content 
  • Engagement 
  • Knowledge 

If you want people to follow and share what you publish, you need to publish content worth sharing. As you know on-ground event brings you the unique opportunity to interact with industry experts and hence increases the engagement with targeted community.

As NASSCOM has always been about aiding startups and providing a platform to them, there were many sessions that were conducted keeping the same idea in mind and as an entrepreneur.

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