Monday, 27 February 2017

Twitter Chat With Prasad NP - Travel Blogger ( @desiTraveler )

"A Twitter chat is more than just a fun event for your followers."
This week we had Twitter chat with leading Travel blogger who had traveled to places like Thailand, Jordan, Singapore, Indonesia etc. This chat witnessed amazing participation of around 200 Influencers and it was a trending topic on Twitter for 3 hours.

Twitter chats are a great way to connect with other influencers, to learn something new and to find some great new resources. Twitter chats generate tons of conversation, and build deep connections between the people partaking and people who host. If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter, you know that there are a lot of conversations happening at any one time, and it can sometimes seem like a jumbled mess. But when we add a hashtag like #BlogmintCHAT to our tweets, then it becomes much easier for us to track and keep up with the conversation that’s happening!

Twitter chat is a conversation between a group of people on Twitter. People tweet and answer using a specific hashtag. Hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and participate in it. This helps Twitter users to keep the conversation organized and easy to follow.
#BlogmintCHAT was to help influencers to gain insights into Social Media & Travel Blogging.

Twitter chats are a great way to discover best practices, establish relationships with other brands and have contact with influencers.

Our Conclusion On the Branding Effect of Twitter Chats:

We believe that participation in Twitter chats present a unique opportunity to increase engagement with our following or our targeted Twitter community. Twitter chats present an invaluable opportunity for intellectual exchanges and an opportunity to test our ideas.

Our monthly #BlogmintCHAT provide a forum to both follow and participate in a question-and-answer session on Twitter.

Top Responses From #BlogmintCHAT:

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Q1: In which all influencer marketing campaigns have you participated on Blogmint?
A1: Instagram

Q2: What is your primary category?
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Lifestyle
Q3: For the people who don’t know about you, Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
A3: To start with, Hi! My name is Avisha and I come from Delhi, India. I'm currently doing my masters in Fashion Management from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Milan. I believe there is simplicity in the ordinary, which makes life a little less ordinary. My blog Red Velvet Closet is my window to show just that. It's a beautiful mess, if you believe in it.

Q4: Every website has a story behind it. What was yours? What was the motivation behind starting this Blog?
A4: It initially started as a college project and later on became a part of self expression. My blog and my Instagram handles are a documentation of things that move me, be it fashion or travel.

Q5: Do you ever get stuck when writing a blog? What do you do then?
A5: Of course I do. Lot's of times and then there times I am extremely lazy to write. When that happens, I just go out and grab a gelato.

Q6: If there was one thing that you feel makes your blog stand out, what would that be?
A6: Just the fact that it's very relatable. I don't try and put clothes that are too over the top for people to try. Most of the times I take out existing, old clothes from my closet and reuse them in a new way.

Q7: If you had to few advice to newbie bloggers, what would that be?
  • Don't get carried away by what others are doing.
  • Believe in what you are doing.
  • Stay up to date with what's happening in your field of work.
Q8: Do you promote your blog? What promotional techniques work best for you and why?
A8: Mostly Instagram.

Q9: And Influencer Marketing – what it holds for bloggers?
A9: It's pretty interesting actually. I see it as a bridge between the consumer and the brands. Brands can easily reach their target audience with the help of influencers in the most effective and real way.

Q10: What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of blogging?
A10: The connect with your audience. It's mostly the little things like how your advice can make a difference in someone elses' life.

Q11: Who has been your inspiration?
A11: It's probably the most cliched line but my mother. It will always be her. She is a boss lady in the truest sense. I wish to be like her someday.

Q12: Engaging in influencer marketing is fruitful but most of the bloggers feel there are some characteristic problems while engaging with brands. How is your experience of engaging with brands and problems, if any?
A12: It's simple. You work with brands that you believe in and reflect your personality. That ways you have no characteristic clashes.

Q13: Please let us know 1 to 2 features of Blogmint that you simply love.
A13: Blogmint is such a sorted and connected platform to work with. I like how there is an organised flow of events, which is pretty much how I function.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Event: Nasscom Product Conclave, 2017 (EcoSystem Partner: Blogmint)

Nasscom Product Conclave, 2017 witnessed huge participation by marketers who are also marketing technologists, creative technologist, data scientist, digital strategist and digital marketers.

Blogmint partnered as ECOSYSTEM PARTNER for this event with Nasscom. We sent 2 social influencers to cover this event on their social platforms and blog.

The overall objective of conducting this event was to

  • Highlight the Next Big Thing in India Product Story. 
  • Sharing of knowledge by successful entrepreneurs and investors. 
  • Discuss best practices. 
  • Provide platform for product entrepreneurs and start-ups to network. 
  • Promote and market products and solutions. 

Serial entrepreneurs, CIOs, investors, customers, incubators and accelerators participated and engaged in this event with actionable insights under one roof. Product Showcase and business connect programs were integral part of the agenda.

Also, great product were showcased in front of the market leaders and were presented to all attendees.

Going further, event also had variety of workshops like-

Workshop 1: SaaS Products: Go-to- Market in 180 days

With the help of this workshop everyone was able to understand SaaS in a better way. SaaS, the real problem-solving power, will help you to face the market in just 180 days.

Workshop 2: Designing for User Engagement

This workshop will covere how all social metrics work, and why they imply greater engagement from users.

Workshop 3: Product Marketing 

The success of every product lies in its customer base and brand value. This workshop covered how to develop an end to end product marketing strategy for technology products.

Workshop 4: Selling to South East Asia

This workshop taught everyone on how you can expand your product in South East Asia.

Response to our readers:

To build an audience and a presence, your social media strategy should focus on three broad categories:
  • Content 
  • Engagement 
  • Knowledge 

If you want people to follow and share what you publish, you need to publish content worth sharing. As you know on-ground event brings you the unique opportunity to interact with industry experts and hence increases the engagement with targeted community.

As NASSCOM has always been about aiding startups and providing a platform to them, there were many sessions that were conducted keeping the same idea in mind and as an entrepreneur.

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Carrying forward we will be doing more partner activities with events from different fields and bloggers interested can look forward to them.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Influencer Marketing Outlook 2017 - Influencers Side

  • Instagram followed by LIVE Video will be the upcoming channels.
  • Engagement continues to be a top success metric while working with brands.
  • Social Amplification is the key ROI metric brand expects while collaborating with influencers.

The report on Influencer Marketing Trends in India - 2017 was released by Blogmint, Asia’s leading influencer marketing platform & blogging community that connects social influencers and brands. With digital natives following social influencers (Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers and Twitteratis), influencer marketing is all set to grow exponentially in the near future.
According to the data, 49% influencers says that "Instagram" is the upcoming channel, 29% says "LIVE video", 15% says "YouTube" while other 7% give preference to "Snapchat".

The The The
Also, Social media continues to be a key driver for a blog traffic. 83% of influencers use "Social Media Marketing" for blog traffic, 42% influencers prefer "SEO", 27% believes in "Guest Posting" while other remaining use "E-mailers" and "Paid Marketing" for blog traffic.

Blog monetization is must for bloggers to show their presence in market. You’d need to market your blog just as you’d market your business. Report also states that 62% bloggers are monetizing their blog someway or other.

The study also described the sources used by influencers for monetizing the social presence. 60% influencers are monetizing their social presence through "Sponsored Post", 57% through "Google Adsense", 55% through "Product Reviews", 51% through "Affiliate Marketing", 31% via "Contest" and 18% through "Brand Ambassadors".

According to the infographic, 78% Brands typically want to reach their audience through "Product Reviews", 67% through "Sponsored Content", 50%  through "Contest or Giveaways", 42% through "Affiliate Links" while other 24% through "Ambassadorships"

Engagement continues to be the most important success metric for influencer programs in 2017. However, businesses would analyse the success based on end-result along with likes, shares and comments, which are awareness driven.

According to the infograph, "Earning Money" followed by "Increasing reach" are top motivation for influencers to collaborate with brands.

Infograph also stated that "Social Following" followed by "Brand Niche" are the top factors brand should look at while collaborating with influencers.

According to influencers, 75% marketers expects "Social Amplification" from their blog posts, 67% marketers expect "Website Traffic" while 40% marketers expects sales.

Going further, 45% influencers says that "creative freedom" is what they expect while working with brands.

Here's the entire Infographic on Influencer Marketing Outlook 2017 - Influencer Side.