Friday, 13 January 2017

Live Video Sites To Watch For In 2017


If 2016 was all about Twitter, 2017 is all about LIVE Video and Instagram. LIVE streaming has become quite popular among millennial's, and it only seems to be growing in popularity. But the common denominator is still engagement. Every brand wants engagement and the same can be retweets, business inquiries, shares, likes or comments and engagement is one of the most crucial social media marketing metric.

So What Is Live Streaming?

You all must have heard about live videos. You all love to watch events ‘live’ especially those of our favorite shows, teams and concerts from our celebrity entertainers. But when it’s difficult to attend a live event, we gather to watch the special moments in real-time on television or over the internet in Good Quality. The process of broadcasting real-time, live video footage or video feed to an audience accessing the video stream over the Internet is Live Streaming. The best part is that the viewing device can be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone or digital screen at home or at the office.The broadcast can be just video, audio or both.

Why Live Streaming?
  • A high quality, multi-person video conversation can be held WITHOUT cost
  • It’s a new and easy way to reach out and talk to your clients and prospects.
  • It is NOT traditional webinar or video conferencing technology.
  • It provides you with the same level of engagement as a face-to-face conversation or a boardroom presentation. 
Facebook Live

We believe that Live video streaming is a fun, engaging way to connect with your followers and grow your audience. With the help of Facebook Live you can instantly stream live to your friends and followers and interact with viewers in real time.


1. Filters
This is a feature idea that Facebook says came from users. The filters let you do some quick editing while broadcasting. That might be fun for a live chat between friends but I doubt it will offer too much to business broadcasts.

2. Perfect Use Of Notifications
Facebook uses its notifications to tell people when someone they're following is broadcasting live. That's a powerful call that makes the most of that big audience.

3. Live Reactions
All the platforms let broadcasters see viewer comments in real time but Facebook's range of live reactions also provides a good idea of how people are feeling as they watch.

4. Real Metrics
Facebook is also currently unique in offering more advanced broadcasters metrics. After the broadcast, you can see how many people saw the video as well as the largest number of people watching at the same time. Facebook Live is where you'll be able to run content tests and check results.

5. Larger Audience
As the largest social media platform, Facebook brings the biggest potential audience. Your Facebook page is likely to have more followers than your Twitter or Instagram streams, giving you the biggest potential audience.
Start live streaming today with Facebook Live.

Twitter Live
Joining in the league of LIVE videos, recently Twitter with the help of Periscope launched its live streaming feature.


1. Live Announcements
Twitter has also built a niche for itself as a platform for breaking news.

2. Comments and Reactions
Like Facebook, Twitter shows broadcasters comments as viewers make them.

3. Professional Audiences
As Twitter's connections are between people who'd like to know each other. That might make Twitter a more natural platform for niched professional content.

Despite its small size, Twitter can also be a powerful platform by adding periscope-live streaming feature. By combining the two platforms, Twitter can bring its audience both an established live video functionality and broadcasters already accustomed to using its service.

Instagram Live
Last year, Instagram has received quite a few new features. If we look back, Instagram kicked-off the year with introducing a black-and-white design & unveiling a new logo. Back in August, Instagram launched ‘Instagram Stories’ which is one of its most-used features. The feature let users share their moments throughout their day in the form of a story. The company recently also announced the integration of Boomerang and @mentions to make the story on Instagram more engaging.

The good news is that along with videos, pictures and stories users can now post live videos on Instagram.

Unlike Facebook LIVE and Twitter LIVE, Instagram LIVE videos does not get stored on your profile. It is only visible to your audience till the time you are LIVE.

With the start of Instagram Live and usage of Twitter & FB Live which channel are you going to prefer?


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