Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Twitter Chat With Nandita Iyer - Top Food Blogger ( @SaffronTrail )

Twitter chat is a conversation between a group of people on Twitter. People tweet and answer using a specific hashtag. This helps to keep the conversation organized and easy to follow.

Blogmint -Asia's leading automated platform that connects brands and influencers hosted another #BlogmintCHAT on 13th-Dec-2016 with "Nandita Iyer", a famous food blogger. Main aim of this #BlogmintChat was to help influencers to gain insights into Social Media & Food Blogging. Hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and participate in it. A Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag.

Twitter chats are a great way to discover best practices, establish relationships with other brands and have contact with influencers.

Twitter chats generate tons of conversation, and build deep connections between the people partaking and brands who host. If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter, you know that there are a lot of conversations happening at any one time, and it can sometimes seem like a jumbled mess. But when we add a hashtag like #BlogmintCHAT to our tweets, then it becomes much easier for us to track and keep up with the conversation that’s happening!

This #BlogmintCHAT went on for a couple of hours, and was a trending topic on twitter for around 3 hours.

Our Conclusion On the Branding Effect of Twitter Chats:

We believe that participation in twitter chats present a unique opportunity to increase engagement with our following or our targeted twitter community. As an influencer marketing company it’s extremely important for us to stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening in our industry, as well as the industries that of our targeted client groups. Twitter chats present an invaluable opportunity for intellectual exchanges and an opportunity to test our ideas.

Our monthly #BlogmintCHAT provide a forum to both follow and participate in a question-and-answer session on Twitter.

Top Responses From #BlogmintCHAT

Watch full #BlogmintCHAT here:

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