Monday, 7 November 2016

Six Reasons To Invest In Influencer Marketing

Are you facing difficulties in spreading your message to your target audience?
Well you can reach them out using right set of influencers. As they have already got attention of their followers so it can help you in gaining attention of your prospects or customers using influencers. Influencers have huge followers on their social media pages and blogs sharing similar interests.

Smart brands like Skoda, Myntra, Toyota, Vogue, Axis Bank etc. are investing in it. Skoda, Myntra, Toyota, Axis Bank etc. are investing in it.

We have listed down 6 reasons which will make you realize why you should also invest in influencer marketing.
1. Influencers - The New Content Creators
Influencers are the content creator who create different content formats on media channels. To engage their good number of followers they do produce content which suits their interest as well their audiences.

Brands can benefit from influencers in multiple ways as influencers can create content, builds engagement, cultivates brand affinity and drives traffic.

2. Reach out to right audience 
Influencers have audiences with whom you want to connect with. They can act as mediator between brand and audience, helping brands in promoting its message using their concept and story in front of their audiences.

A fashion bloggers can help a fashion brand in increasing their brand awareness, similarly a tech blogger is a best fit for any technology brand.

3. Direct selling Is Dead 
Prospects generally lose interest in any company that is trying to sell them. Before making any purchase, they are more interested in reading the reviews on internet or having a look at the YouTube video showing detailed review including features.

Influencers have credibility and reliability. Prospects listen to what influencers have to say and take their advice, brands can utilize this power of influencers while promoting any new product.

4. Traditional Marketing Channels Are Dying
Last 2 years trend shows that “influencer marketing” is rising over “print advertising” and “display advertising”. People are looking towards social influencers to guide their purchasing decisions instead of spending time over traditional marketing efforts. Brands that embrace these influencers are set for long-term success.


5. Influencers Can Help Increase Conversion Rates 
Influencer marketing mixed with other channels can help in increasing your conversion rates. Brands can increase the awareness using right influencers and support this activity by other paid channels. 

Chances of buying a product increases when a person sees a product endorsed on all mediums to which he is accessible to.

6. Influencers Add Authenticity 
Influencers have conversations with the audiences about things that genuinely interest both of them. Brand can tap into that conversation through a credible influencer who can put this brand subtly in front of his followers. This way brands can reach out to more number of people.

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