Thursday, 17 November 2016


Q1: In which all influencer marketing campaigns have you participated on Blogmint?
  • Blogging
  • Twitter
Q2: What is your primary category?
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Photography 

Q3: For the people who don't know about you, Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
I am a Digital marketing professional who has heavily been involved in sports and as a reward, I have worked for Indian cricketers like Yuvraj Singh, Unmukt Chand, Manan Vohra. I am also a Zomato certified food blogger with Zomato verified profile and amongst top 100 bloggers in India. I also write about Travel and sports covering multiple events in different areas of the field.

Q4: Every website has a story behind it. What was yours? What was the motivation behind starting this Blog?
I had few friends who were heavily involved in blogging, I used to see their pictures partying in fancy hotels, traveling around the world, attending events and meeting celebrities. This is when, I thought of starting my own blog, being a crazy foodie I always wanted to review top notch dishes of various restaurants and it's when I started my food blog accompanied by Sports and Technology.

Q5: Do you ever get stuck when writing a blog? What do you do then?

If I ever get stuck while writing a blog and I feel I am out of content. I just relax take a sip of coffee and get back onto it! Writing is a skill the calmer you be the better it will be.

Q6: If there was one thing that you feel makes your blog stand out, what would that be?

Q7: If you had to give three advice to newbie bloggers, what would that be?
Blogging is an art you have to choose wisely what you write and how you write.

Q8: Do you promote your blog? What promotional techniques work best for you and why?
I generally promote it by sharing on social profiles, Blogmint and merging the SEO Keywords to make sure it reaches to the relevant audience.

Q9: And Influencer Marketing what it holds for bloggers?
Money, Money, Money!

Q10: What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of blogging?
The most gratifying would be the feeling of being appreciated by readers, getting their feedback and also their queries which they believe I can give solutions too.

Q11: Who has been your inspiration?
Fellow Bloggers.

Q12: Engaging in influencer marketing is fruitful but most of the bloggers feel there are some characteristic problems while engaging with brands. How is your experience of engaging with brands and problems, if any?
If there is a tug of war between what you want to convey and what a brand wants, then it is better to let go of such campaigns.

Q13: Please let us know 1 to 2 features of Blogmint that you simply love.
The interface for campaigns and the sweetness of the people who we interact with from Blogmint.

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