Thursday, 13 October 2016


Q1: In which all influencer marketing campaigns have you participated on Blogmint?
  • Blogging
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Q2: What is your primary category?
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Parenting
  • Technology

Q3: For the people who don’t know about you, Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog? 
A3: Hi I'm Ritcha. I have a blog called Ri(t)ch Styles -

I’m a corporate communications and media professional by profession and a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and a fashion stylist by passion :) I have blended my experience and knowledge with my passion to create high value content for my blog, my readers and my clients. I am also a mommy to my two year old daughter, who too now is a part of my blog so when you head there, you are bound to come across some really cute stuff. My blog is all about the power of being beautiful and loving yourself the way you are. Be it fashion, beauty, lifestyle or mommyhood - it's about living a Ri(t)ch Life Stylishly :) Get updated on the latest fashion movements, good buys, current trends, new styles, store reviews, styling tips, savings, happenings, events, travel stories, good food and drinks, mommy friendly tips and baby fashion all at your fingertips.

Q4: Every website has a story behind it. What was yours? What was the motivation behind starting this Blog?
A4: Way before I started the blog, I used to do makeovers in my free time and personally shop for people because most of the stuff I wore or bought was appreciated and people wanted to know how they could get their hands on similar stuff and good deals and how to put together combinations and tips and all. Reading has also been a passion and so while reading all the lovely fashion blogs a few years ago, I decided that one of the best ways for me to express myself would be through my own personal blog where I could share my ideas and that’s how Ri(t)ch Styles came into being. Ri(t)ch Styles was originally known as 'Fashion from around the World' as I used to travel a lot and pick up a lot of stuff while travelling, but after marriage, a tip from my husband gave me the brilliant idea to change the name to Ri(t)ch Styles :) Apt as it related to my name RITCHA and to my personal style.

Q5: Do you ever get stuck when writing a blog? What do you do then?
A5: Just like you, your brain also needs a detox. So when I get stuck writing a blog, I take a break by spending time with my daughter, reading and researching new stuff to keep myself updated about the current happenings in the industry and inspire to do something on that level. When it is a longer spell, I also travel as that reboots me.

Q6: If there was one thing that you feel makes your blog stand out, what would that be?
A6: My blog name itself. While a lot of people have stylish names for their blog, I have added a personal touch with my name which also spells out what I want to convey through my blog - living a Ri(t)ch Life Stylishly. The feedback on the same has also been very positive as people instantly connect to it.

Q7: If you had to give three advice to newbie bloggers, what would that be? *
Content is King
The frequency of your content doesn't matter if your content doesn't interest, engage or give out some kind of information to your reader. Even if you post everyday but the content is not of any interest to your reader, then your efforts are going to go waste. Also copying or plagiarizing content is a big NO-NO - Be Original!
Blogging is not just about writing and putting up some pictures. It is way beyond that. You have to be passionate about what you are doing and the topics you are writing on. Please do not think of starting a blog just for the fun of it. You will lose interest eventually like a lot of bloggers that I have seen come and go in these 5 years because of their lack of passion. You have to keep the blog posts coming and be consistent so that your readers stay engaged. Blogging has to become a part of your daily life - not in terms of churning a blog post out every day, but atleast in thought and planning so that your blog takes shape well.
Keep educating yourself
It is important to keep improving and learning in order to stay relevant to your followers. There is no end to learning even if you are getting more and more popular. In fact the pressure increases to do better in every way. Learning from mistakes is vital as well. Embracing feedback and trying to work on it to improve is essential. Read, interact with the industry, acquaint yourself with new happenings, mingle with peers - basically do whatever it takes for you to keep educating yourself further in order to educate your readers.

Q8: Do you promote your blog? What promotional techniques work best for you and why?
A8: Social Media has got so much bigger and better, that it is the best way to connect to my readers and I resort to social media for promoting my blog. Consistency is the key!

Q9: And Influencer Marketing – what it holds for bloggers? 
A9: Influencer Marketing is becoming an integral part and it is very important for brands as well as bloggers. For brands it becomes a more real and organic way to reach their audiences, and for bloggers it is great to be paid for what we love to do and put our sincere efforts into. However it always has to be providing the right information which is what our readers come to us for. If there is a tug of war between what you want to convey and what a brand wants, then it is better to let go of such campaigns. My experience of this kind however has been very rare as most brands that I work with give me full editorial control and respect my opinions and take the negatives as feedback.

Q10: What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of blogging? 
A10: The most gratifying would be the feeling of being appreciated by readers, getting their feedback and also their queries which they believe I can give solutions too. So many new mothers write to me on how to bounce back to normalcy, embrace their new bodies, and for quick beauty solutions because they look up to me as a new mommy who juggles so much. Blogging has been a truly rewarding journey.

Q11: Who has been your inspiration?
A11: I look up to a lot of International and Indian bloggers but my biggest inspiration has been my love for fashion and looking good :)

Q12: Engaging in influencer marketing is fruitful but most of the bloggers feel there are some characteristic problems while engaging with brands. How is your experience of engaging with brands and problems, if any?
A12: Like I said, if there is a tug of war between what you want to convey and what a brand wants, then it is better to let go of such campaigns. My experience of this kind however has been very rare as most brands that I work with give me full editorial control and respect my opinions and take the negatives as feedback.

Q13: Please let us know 1 to 2 features of Blogmint that you simply love.
A13: The interface for campaigns and the sweetness of the people who we interact with from Blogmint.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

INFLUENCER MARKETING — Are we on to something truly groundbreaking?

Influencer marketing is a valuable asset for your social media activation. From last few years, market demand for influencer marketing has exploded. Once you have your idea, it’s time to find your influencers.

Not sure where to start? Look up relevant industry hashtags on Instagram or Twitter and follow up with people who seem to have a big presence in your space.

If you already have an influencer or partner in mind, try connecting through:
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook and
  • Personal websites

Blogmint is Asia's leading automated platform that connects brands and influencers. Blogmint helps brands identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content. Blogmint offers transparent pricing and real time campaign analytics for every piece of content.

Yet any good decision-maker should be skeptical of the hype. Let the data speak for itself through these influencer marketing facts.

Influencer Marketing Reads:

1. How to Research the Right Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign

The key to successful influencer marketing is the quality and performance of your influencers. The following measurements will help you assess which high-quality digital influencers you should be engaging:
  • Number of comments on influencer's photos and videos.
  • Number of likes on influencer's photos and videos.
  • Follower interactions and engagement: What is the total engagement on the influencer’s posts, including mentions? 
  • Follower count:How many users follow the influencer on Social Media?

2. 90% of marketers find influencer marketing effective and will integrate influencer marketing as part of their marketing mix.

A lot of people say that engaging influencers in their marketing activities is a must-have, but what are the applications of an Influence Marketing strategy? There are many applications where the influencers can be the goal or can play the role of a message amplifier to reach the target audience. Applications go from content promotion to SEO. Done correctly, content marketing is an excellent way to build a relationship with customers. A well-implemented content strategy establishes trust and authority in the market research and buying cycle, so that you can take control of what they see, read, think and do.

As the adage goes, a person talking about their experience with your brand is 10 times more valuable than talking about your brand.

3. Twitter emerged as the most popular social media channel for influencer engagement
Traditionally, Facebook has been more popular in India among the masses but the Influencer report suggests the contrary when it comes to the influencer community, Twitter emerged as the most popular social media channel for influencer engagement followed by blogs, Facebook and Instagram.

4. Tracking influencer's activity

It is necessary to measure the impact and ROI of your influencer marketing campaign. One of the biggest problem with many Influencer marketplaces is, you need to wait for days or weeks to get analytics of your campaign. On Blogmint, you can launch your influencer marketing campaigns in just a few clicks and get campaign analytics on your dashboard. All you need to do is just explore and participate.

5. Twitter trending campaigns and blogs are the most effective campaigns for influencer marketing

When it comes to promoting brand presence on social media  Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Instagram rank right at the top. But Twitter trending campaigns and blogs are the most effective campaigns for influencer marketing as Twitter trending provides good visibility for a hashtag among Twitter users and blogging campaign generates quality backlinks and traffic for your website.
Definitely, a growth year for influencer marketing in India.

The marketing world is quickly waking up to the potential of influencer marketing. As Google Trends shows, the interest for the channel has grown exponentially since last year.

As the space matures over the next couple of years, the brands and agencies that invest in streamlining their influencer marketing are going to reap the greatest profits. This presents an opportunity for marketers that make influencer marketing a priority and establish a well-oiled system before the the market adjusts.

We hope we have motivated you to launch your campaign and get influencers to cover your brand!