Thursday, 1 October 2015


For the people who don’t know about you, Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
I am Sangitha Aanand. A Post Graduate and an Engineer by education but a Design Enthusiast at heart. am pleased & inspired by all things beautiful, then be it a randomly fallen leaf on the street, a potter on his wheel, all kinds of folk art, unique piece of jewelry or a tastefully designed home.
I love painting, embroidering, gardening, cooking, reading and  try to better myself every time that am at it! Someday I would also like to learn pottery. Ceramics and Terracotta have a special corner in my heart.
Mom of two lovely kids, they are my world. I am kind of house proud and a home body to sum it up. Though I love to travel, finally my heaven is my home...
Sajavat was born in the August of 2008.This blog is an attempt to appreciate & document all the good things in life related to art, interiors and home decor.

Every website has a story behind it. What was yours? What was the motivation behind starting this Blog?
Blogging is such a unique platform wherein you can share your ideas with many other like-minded people. It is like a knowledge bank. I was always inclined towards arts and home décor. Arranging, rearranging & decorating are my favourite hobby one can say. In 2008 when I stepped into the blogosphere I was hugely inspired by archana Srinivas of Rang Décor. It was then that I decided to start a blog of my own.

Do you ever get stuck when writing a blog? What do you do then?
Yes often…at such times, I listen to songs or do some other activity such as painting or gardening.

If there was one thing that you feel makes your blog stand out, what would that be?
Posts on Indian folk art, DIY, environmentally sound homes, simplicity of the blog, the Indian aspect of Interiors & décor are various elements that perhaps make sajavat stand out in the crowd.

If you had to give three crazy advice to budding bloggers, what would that be?
Only blog on topics that are close to your heart...
Engage with your readers.
And…enjoy blogging

Do you promote your blog? What promotional techniques work best for you and why?
Apart from facebook, I don’t use any other medium to engage with the readers.

What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of blogging?
Getting appreciated for what I do is most rewarding. A comment, a like and words of appreciation makes my day.

And Influencer Marketing – what it holds for bloggers?
It has the tremendous power to reach out to people and has the potential to even connect bloggers with other people in their chosen field of expertise.

Engaging in influencer marketing is fruitful but most of the bloggers feel there are some characteristic problems while engaging with brands. How is your experience of engaging with brands and problems, if any?
So far I haven’t faced any issues engaging with brands.


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