Thursday, 1 October 2015


#Fame is a first of its kind LIVE entertainment channel with 200,000+ subscribers and users. Video is the new text and talent is the most powerful currency in this digital age. Talented individuals join #fame to do what they love most – launch an idea, grow their skills, build a community, find an audience and prosper.


It wasn’t so long ago that many of #fame’s Youtube channels had videos trending all around the globe and now they have already set aboard on a new path which is live video streaming. #Fame has newly launched its mobile application and it is one of those that is gaining popularity in a short period of time. With the #fame app, any individual can stream/beam their talent to the world. So whether it be about connecting with fans, making new friends, everything is possible here. With the app having already crossed over a million downloads on the android platform, it maybe safe to say Fame was never this easy. You can sing, juggle, hack, dress up, make up, cook, chat, dance, party, sleep and a lot more. This is your stage and the whole world is your audience.

#fame found itself trending all India as #famestarsLIVEMumbai as they hosted the Mumbai event as part of the meetups with their #famestars/influencers. It goes without saying that the app already having over a million downloads, it just had to find itself trending while also, the event received an overwhelming response. It was jam packed at the Novotel, Juhu where the event was being held. Exclusive invitations were sent to those already beaming live on the app and then there were those who attended the event as they wished to explore another world altogether. “Apart from blogging, tweeting or making videos on Youtube, #fame app provides for another platform where one can grow their visibility,” shared a beamer present at the event.

#famestarsLIVEMumbai had 3 panelists Gaurav Gera, Radhika Apte and Ruchi, from the fields of Comedy, Bollywood and Radio. While Gaurav shared how the #fame app helped him interact with more people out there, Radhika shared her experience of how the #fame app helped her go beyond the general movie promotions and get live on the #fame app to interact directly with the fans. With Ruchi, well being an RJ, it was surely a platform where she can take out 20 minutes of her time and go beyond RJ-ing to share what she personally wants to speak about. Singer Shruti Prakash was performing her beams live as the event went on and it received a great response both from her regular viewers and also the people present at the event.

Surely those who found the platform interesting are going to explore further into it and grow their fanbase through live performance. At the same time, Blogmint has been closely associated with a lot of talented individuals out there. Many of those already with us are aware what the #fame app is all about and how they can explore their fortunes further. With blogs, Twitter profiles, Youtube channels, newly launched Instagram profiles, #fame live video is just another opportunity that Blogmint is looking to explore for the big world of talents out there. It’s the happy association with our influencers that has helped us come a long way and we constantly look to keep increasing the base further.

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