Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Blogmint is the fastest growing platform in India for connecting brands and bloggers. Blogmint helps brand identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content.  This event was conducted by Blogmint as a platform for the collaboration of bloggers with Honda.

“Hangout with Honda” was a pre-launch event held on 4th July 2015 organized by Honda and co-organized by Blogmint, where bloggers from all over India attended the event. The event was organized for promoting the launch of the new Honda Jazz on 8th July 2015. The blogger community was involved in an experiential blogging event.

This event was a test drive kind of event where the bloggers were given a chance to drive the Honda Jazz on the tracks of The Buddha International Circuit. It was a privilege for the bloggers to drive on the biggest and the only race track in India.

All the blogger were invited at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Greater Noida where Blogmint interacted with the bloggers. After their registration and a short lunch break, the bloggers headed to the Buddha International Circuit for the main event.

At the circuit, there was an introduction to the event where the CEO of Honda, Mr. Katsushi Inoue gave a speech on their firm and their newly launched car. The rest of the event was hosted by VJ Yudi. He conducted a twitter quiz and a soccer pool game with the bloggers and gave away goodies to the winners.

The bloggers were later informed with some Do's and Don’ts while driving on the tracks. They were also shown the control room from where the whole track was monitored. This was all done to ensure discipline amongst the bloggers while on the race track.

The safety of the bloggers was made certain by providing them with helmets whether they sat on the front seats or the back seats. Mobiles were not allowed since it could become a distraction for the driver while driving on the race track.

The bloggers were finally given the golden chance of driving on an official 5.5 km race track for Formula 1 racing. After the event, there was a lunch organized for the bloggers which concluded the whole event.


  1. looks like you guys rocked it! We missed this one coz of some personal emergency :(

  2. it was the coolest event ever, had a blast

  3. No doubt about it! The coolest ever :)

  4. The coolest of all and looking forward for more of it.

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