Friday, 26 June 2015

IAMAI - 11th Maketing Conclave 2015 - Mumbai

IAMAI recently held its pioneer event , 11th Marketing Conclave in The Lalit, Mumbai. Event saw some of the finest minds of marketing in digital world discussing burning topics ranging from Cross-Platform marketing, Influencer Marketing to Programmatic Marketing. Blogmint partnered as a Blogging partner for the event and efficiently passed on the live inputs from the event to the outside world.

A team of 4 Bloggers were present which not only took the inputs from the session but also took interviews of the Panelists and gained valuable insights into their field of expertise. Blogger booth was setup right across the Ballroom for a unperturbed coverage of the event.

IAMAI is the professional industry body representing the Online and VAS industry in India. The main agenda for this year's Marketing Conclave was - UNTANGLING MARKETING CONVOLUTIONS.

Salient Features of this year's event were :

- Leadership Talks
- Panel Discussions
- Workshops
- Case Studies
- Fireside Chats

The day’s session was divided into Plenary Sessions and Fireside Chats. The Plenary sessions were led by a moderator, and the panelists discussed on various issues ranging from the expanding roles of a CMO, delineating the concept of a truly integrated cross-platform marketing, the upsurge of video content and influencer marketing, to the subject of readiness for the transition from mobile-first to mobile-only era. The fire side chats involved one to one conversations between two experts on topics relating to the relevance of digital marketing and on how to address the already blurring thin line between traditional marketing and digital marketing due to the increasing adoption of internet and smartphones by the consumers.

Blogger Booth

Geographically Bloggers were shortlisted and were asked to submit their interest for the IAMAI - Blogger Booth activity and were shortlisted based on their interests towards business events. You can read their Blogs about the event at :

Event was a resounding success with presence of renowned names from Digital World who shared knowledge regarding important topics raised in the agenda. Carrying forward we will be doing more Blogging partner activities with events from different fields and bloggers interested can look forward to the events in campaign tab.


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