Wednesday, 17 June 2015

DMAI CXO Roundtable - Powered by Blogmint

Blogmint, India’s 1st automated marketplace that connects brands and bloggers, backed by TO THE NEW Ventures has joined hands with Association of Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising (DMAi) to launch first-of-its kind executive session on the adoption of Influencer Marketing in India.

The sessions are built to provide an informative and interactive platform for businesses of all sizes to learn and unlearn about Influencer Marketing, which is the fastest growing channel for online customer acquisition and an effective way for brands to generate returns on social as reported in AdWeek recently.

Blogmint and DMAi conducted the first session in Radisson Hotel in Delhi and second session in Blue Frog, Mumbai earlier this month and plan to continue this exercise in various parts of the country to spread the message of Influencer Marketing.

Today, brand loyalty comes after a fair assessment of the brand, word of mouth feedback and first hand experiences. Mr. Irfan Khan, CEO, Blogmint stated, “As Influencer Marketing empowers brands to leverage the power of word of mouth through influential bloggers and content producers with significant number of fans and followers on social media, it is increasingly becoming an integral part of brand’s marketing mix. However, there’s a big gap between brands and social influencers on how to collaborate successfully and responsibly. Through this initiative, we wish to bridge this gap between businesses and influencers.”

“We remain committed to advancing the practice of response driven marketing through such initiatives. There is a library of rich content for our CxO roundtables that the industry can benefit from. We are thankful to Blogmint who have partnered in curating the sessions for the influencer marketing roundtables”said Shelly Singh, Director & COO, DMAi.

These Roundtable discussions enlightened the brands not only about the importance of Influencer Marketing in today's scenario but also on how an Influencer marketing automated platform is making it easy for brand marketers to target their specific influencers. With the rise of Social influencers not only blogging but also Micro-Blogging is storming the overall Influencer marketing scenario in a big way. Not only blooggers but brands depends on Instagrammers, Twitteratis for Micro-Blogging. Their influence is short lived but has much larger reach than any blog.

We are proud to Power DMAI CXO Roundtable and will like to carry the baton of Influencer Marketing to the brand side. Till that time follow @theblogmint .

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