Sunday, 19 April 2015


   Ritu Rajput told us about influencer marketing and her views about it.
   What is your take on Influencer marketing and how do you see India adapting to it?
      We are living in the age of social media. An influencer with a specific set of followers is a great way for a Brand to reach their target audience, without making things look too ‘in-your-face’. India, with a lot of youth population that is glues to their phones constantly, is a great market for Brands to take up Influencer marketing.

   Are “Influencers” something new? What is changing for marketers?
      In today’s time, it is all about influencers and opinion leaders. Advertisements are becoming passé and public relations is being sought after. In that sense third person endorsement becomes essential. And influencers are looked upon by their followers.

   How will (or should) marketers incorporate these online opinion leaders into their strategies?
      Brands should carefully pick the influencers that they work with, because the right influencer can add a lot of value to the brand. Quality of work should matter more than mere numbers.

   What according to you defines an Influencer?
      An influencer has to be genuine about his/ her experiences about things/ products at all times. Nothing puts the audience off more than false claims.

   According to you. Is Influence Marketing measurable?
       I’m not a technical person, so I cannot say if there are ways to ‘measure’ the influence of a particular project, but Influencer marketing is here to stay!

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