Wednesday, 22 April 2015

#BloggerDreamTeam with Harsha Bhogle

Blogmint, India's first automated marketplace that connects brands and bloggers recently concluded #BloggerDreamTeam with Mr.Harsha Bhogle, a renowned cricket expert, sports evangelist and blogger. #BloggerDreamTeam was aimed at discovering and recognizing the emerging blogging talent in India.

#BloggerDreamTeam was an initiative to hunt for top bloggers of India, who penned down their passion for the world cup into words. The selected 11 bloggers were handpicked by Harsha bhogle based on quality of writing and knowledge. These 11 winners gets to own the coveted Harsha certified Blogger Badge.

With Cricket World Cup 2015 fever gripping India, the campaign provided bloggers a platform to channelize their opinion around all aspects of the game – from fashion statements made by today’s cricketers to the impact of technological enhancements on the game.

Bhogle said, “The internet and social media have thrown up opportunities like never before and have allowed skill to meet opportunity. Blogmint is the perfect platform to empower bloggers and showcase these skills.”

Social media has become ubiquitous with young India and with that we are witnessing a new set of social media stars. Influencer Marketing, which was driven by Bollywood and sports celebrity endorsement, is now being increasingly driven by Social Influencers, which includes celebrity bloggers, YouTubers and Twitteraties. However, there aren’t any platforms in India, which connect these celebrities with brands in an automated and transparent fashion.

“Dream Team with Harsha Bhogle was an excellent opportunity for Bloggers to express opinions on the Cricket World Cup and at the same time they showcased the versatility of their writing talent by combining cricket with themes including food, technology, lifestyle amongst others. #BloggerDreamTeam is one of the many initiatives that Blogmint plans to launch in order to engage the social influencers in India” he added.
“I am delighted to be associated with Blogmint’s Blogger Dream Team initiative. It’s a perfect platform for Bloggers which empowers their writing skills” asserted Harsha Bhogle while declaring the 11 winners.

The 11 winning entries are as follows :

Technology in Cricket World Cup 2015 - A Boon or A Bane?
The World cup cricketing evolution - The epiphany.
Are cricket players more fashion conscious ?
How technology helped in changing cricket world cup over the last few years.
Technology - A boon or Bane for Cricket Players.
The Dummies' Guide to The Great Cricket Holiday Destinations
- Style file of the indian cricketer 2015 #BloggerDreamTeam
- Travel + Cricket = Thirty six off six
- Our favourite cricket destinations

Sunday, 19 April 2015


   Ritu Rajput told us about influencer marketing and her views about it.
   What is your take on Influencer marketing and how do you see India adapting to it?
      We are living in the age of social media. An influencer with a specific set of followers is a great way for a Brand to reach their target audience, without making things look too ‘in-your-face’. India, with a lot of youth population that is glues to their phones constantly, is a great market for Brands to take up Influencer marketing.

   Are “Influencers” something new? What is changing for marketers?
      In today’s time, it is all about influencers and opinion leaders. Advertisements are becoming passé and public relations is being sought after. In that sense third person endorsement becomes essential. And influencers are looked upon by their followers.

   How will (or should) marketers incorporate these online opinion leaders into their strategies?
      Brands should carefully pick the influencers that they work with, because the right influencer can add a lot of value to the brand. Quality of work should matter more than mere numbers.

   What according to you defines an Influencer?
      An influencer has to be genuine about his/ her experiences about things/ products at all times. Nothing puts the audience off more than false claims.

   According to you. Is Influence Marketing measurable?
       I’m not a technical person, so I cannot say if there are ways to ‘measure’ the influence of a particular project, but Influencer marketing is here to stay!


Mili and Amanda told us about influencer marketing and their views about it.

   What should brands care about the most when it comes to social influence?
      Brands should keep in mind their target audience when it comes to social influence. They should approach influencers who fit in with the overall philosophy of the brand and not just go by the nos.

   What is the state of Influencer marketing in India and how do you see this space growing?
      In today’s time, it is all about influencers and opinion leaders. Advertisements are becoming passé and public relations is being sought after. In that sense third person endorsement becomes essential. And influencers are looked upon by their followers.
   As an influential blogger, what has been your biggest worry?
      The biggest worry we face is the fact that often brands oversee the financial aspect when it comes to bloggers. They don’t feel the need to compensate the bloggers in terms of money for their effort but rather focus on give aways. It seems like a thankless job at times.

   What according to you are the key metrics a brand should consider before engaging an influencer?
They should make sure that the influencer fits in the larger brand philosophy. Just because an influencer has X no of followers doesn’t make it influential. The brand should analyze the demographics and psychographics of the followers following an influencer.  (quality vs quantity).

   With the rise of social media, how do you see content amplification through this medium?
Social media actually gives multiple platforms for content to be visible. It gives scope for virality.

   What is your favorite social handle and Why? 
The Sartorialist because of the pioneering work he does in fashion.