Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Crowdsourcing Your Next Marketing Campaign: Creative uses of crowdsourcing

Less than a decade ago, a new phenomenon of marketing and advertising hit social media circles and rode the waves created by Facebook, Twitter and other forums. It was termed crowdsourcing, as it relied on the general populace for content, ideas, marketing campaigns and even funding. Since then it has caught on the imagination of marketers, advertisers, event organizers and even finance companies alike.

A decade ago, it was inconceivable that a company would ask the general crowd at large to work out its campaigns. However, that hesitation seems to be a thing of the past now as companies have started opening themselves to the idea of crowd-sourcing their marketing campaigns. In fact, there have been many brilliant marketing campaigns that have been crowd sourced and the results have been phenomenal. Here are a few examples.

A New York publication called TimesSquare.com ran contest for designing its logo via this online marketplace called DesignCrowd. It provided designed logo services by giving the crowd at large access to its design team. It is done by posting design challenges where they ask people to send in logo designs. Any person can send in his entry and the winner receives a monetary award. In this case, TimesSquare.com offered $10,000 to the winning entry and announced the winner on a smart, strategic date 12/12/12 in Times Square, a la New Year’s style. Surely, a way to choose an awesome logo and promote your organization in a single masterstroke!

Singer Jason Mraz is regarded as a crowdsourcing Guru first and a lyrical poet later, given his genius for crowdsourcing. Humor aside, Jason Mraz actually masterminded a social media crowdsourcing campaign where he asked his fans to capture a photograph epitomizing the words of his single ‘I won’t give up’ and put it up on the social media website Instagram.

Gone are the days when marketing campaign managers were divorced with reality. Now, the mantra of success is to keep your hands on the hub of activity. The idea of contribution of the consumers as to what attracts them, is nothing less than sheer genius. After all, why wouldn’t the consumer feel flattered if the company or organization asks their opinion on what is more attractive?

Also, the organizations can find out creative ways of coming up with crowdsourcing marketing campaigns like TimesSquare.com or even the potato chip giant Frito Lays that offered $1million for the ‘perfect new recipe’ for Lays and also a chance for the winner’s photograph to be plastered on every packet of production of that recipe.

Still confused about your new marketing campaign? Just ask the social media peeps to come up with one. You would be pleasantly surprised by the results. 


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