Thursday, 3 July 2014


ROI of Crowd Sourcing

So how does one measure the ROI of Crowd Sourcing? Interesting, let’s take a look further with what experts have to say when money is honey in the world of business, supported through crowdsourcing.

On what basis would co-creation and the concept of crowdsourcing be measured, is what everyone wants to know. Sources from the famous McKinsey Global Institute dwelt on this and did a little research to bring forth good news.


1. With co-creation and crowdsourcing as technological advancements in this day and age, productivity would be higher by more than 25 percent says a source.

2. Investment ROI here would be high, sources say anything between $900bn to $1.3bn

3. New product developments can gain the best benefits from crowdsourcing

What can the added revenue do?

The added revenue would help;

1. The retail financial sector

2. Advanced manufacturing sector

3. Consumer packaging sector, and

4. Professional services, say sources.

It is an interesting equation brought forth by the report done by the esteemed McKinsey group, on which it is clearly shown how a company can thrive by influencing it’s consumers. This report also shows how much gains can be made and expected using co-creation and collaborative technologies in the long run.

Crowdsourcing ways to use

1. Market research, analysis and prediction

2. Innovation for business and product

3. Research and brand collaboration

When one does research and analysis, prediction of the market behaviours can be forecasted! Traditional ways of doing so isn’t advised, and one needs to have the masses involved for accurate data and information collation.

Product innovation should use crowdsourcing; this would be asking the masses to let the business know what they want around before the launch happens. In doing so, life gets easier for the manufacturers and the consumers; it is a win-win love story situation for the two. Let the masses through crowdsourcing pitch in their ideas, and this is to be used by the business owners, which brings in high ROI in the bargain.

Finally, research and collaboration is a must for high ROI to come in, and this step would bring in the answers much needed. Crowdsourcing can help ventures and businesses with the same, especially when traditional ways of market research and collaboration fail to bring in what is needed. With the help of brand collaboration, creativity flows and new inputs come in, which makes it ideal for the businesses to thrive since they would be catering to the “needs” of the end client. The end client would also have their ideas improvised upon, due credits given as well.

Hence, the ROI Of crowdsourcing explained and what makes it happen the right way too. It would be wise to speak with experts and to find a great deal of more information for the same.

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