Friday, 11 July 2014

Key Metrics to tap for Crowd Sourcing

Recognition and feedback using crowdsourcing is one of the metrics to be tapped into. Last year there were many companies surveyed, of which more than half were said to have reviews done only once a year. Employees still felt overwhelmed nevertheless when reviews for them were made on a frequent basis and from various sources that too. The input through crowdsourcing thus brought about accuracy and effective recognition programs, and what came about were;

More than half of the companies surveyed said they used or would use social recognition which would empower internal employees to honour and recognise one another for a good job done.

Around seventy percent agreed to crowdsourcing recognition which would help bring in more transparency for performance reviews, and

Seventy four percent of the companies at the moment consider or currently use mapping recognition awards and want to do away with ratings and rankings respectively.

Frustration lowered

Another metric to tap into and which would help bring about more productivity would be recognition investment. The survey done last year spoke about the relationship between job satisfaction and productivity for an employee, and the company recognition program invested in. When there were higher budgets allocated, frustrations were lesser and productivity was more as compared to a case au contraire. Results and findings from the survey said;

More than half of the employees doubled on the productivity levels in their workplace, in comparison to companies that spent less on such recognition services

Frustration levels were fifty percent lower when such recognition services were in place, as compared to with companies that do not follow such strategies

Prize and Praises

Motivation is important or else the spirit sinks, and couple praise with a prize, companies have a happy bunch working for them.

More than eight percent of employees are motivated when praises are bestowed on them, and a reward given to them as well, as compared to companies that offer only praises sans a prize

Positive feedback say ninety percent of employees has a major impact on how employees perform, in comparison to belittling negative feedback in the garb of motivation.

With crowdsourcing performance reviews following the aforementioned metrics in place, a paradigm shift was noticed, especially in the Human Resource industry. With innovative and creative ways to use crowdsourcing, the reviews that came by were profound and one of a kind. Within and from outside the organisation, when crowdsourcing performance was done with all metrics in place, companies realised the internal employees needs better. It was a snowball effect as seen, where employees got what they wanted and were happier, which in turn brought about better productivity on the whole.

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