Monday, 30 June 2014

What is Crowd-sourcing?

Too many cooks can bake a nice pie - Crowd-sourcing

When many people are brought together for a project, Crowd-sourcing happens. This would also be a way to engage and rake in benefits on a long term basis. For example, with nonprofit ventures and educational hubs, authorities concerned would use tactics of engagement, perhaps involve people for an online study group, and collect stamps for a project, photographs for a history scrapbook, maybe together work on deciphering an old ancient scroll and more. It could also involve participating and interacting with the whole team of people in more ways than one, usually online these days. Crowd-sourcing has many facets, namely;

Collaborating and competition

Most important frameworks for any project, competition attracts many from across all corners who want to win something, a prize for example. It would be on the basis of objectives that the competitions as such would be held, not on the candidate’s profile, background or work experience. By collaboration it is meant that individuals would be in the project, but as small fish in the large ocean.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the boons of Crowd-sourcing would be to bring in the best results and of high quality that too. This is because there would be many from various nooks and corners, contributing support, skills and ideas, one of a kind. With the help of Crowd-sourcing, one gets to select the cream from the many that come in, au contraire to what you would otherwise find from one provider or source.

With Crowdsourcing one can expect results to be efficient, faster and sooner, much more than what the traditional ways can offer. Consider Crowdsourcing to be freelancing, where the job is done in no time, an idea comes about in a jiffy and small tasks are managed with the wave of a hand.

However, with Crowdsourcing one needs to set their priorities right and hence clear instructions should be given out. There would be thousands of ideas that would pour in, and it could be a pain to deal with them all. Sometimes there are complications understanding the instructions, especially to the novices around.

Spec work is important in some domains of Crowdsourcing, and not everyone would want to follow this rule. Expectations need to be set right from the beginning, so that proper judgments and well-informed decisions can be made.

It would be wise to check with experts on Crowdsourcing, read blogs and forums online for more information and help. This would then bring about a fair idea about the term, how to best use it and where to look for such help. Everything looks large, but Crowdsourcing involves people in smaller fractions to make the picture large, hence think and apply the thought wisely.

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