Monday, 30 June 2014

The relevance of Crowd Sourcing

It is the collective intelligence of many which crowdsourcing would use to create an environment, intellectual and open. The challenge when won would present the winner with monetary compensation or a prize for that matter, an acclaim to the bounty or maybe co-authoring as such, all of which would come using the idea from the winning individual. A manager would have a perspective of his own, where he would look into crowdsourcing as a way to develop a clear and a much organised path for people to collaborate and interact within the set parameters. Apart from that, the manager would go ahead and make the path friendly enough for individuals to track their progress, with metrics relevant that would help with data analysis and collection of information too.


Pros of crowd sourcing

1. A current business requirement would get immediate and full attention, staffing included. In some countries, crowdsourcing would be looked at as outsourcing a business’ needs, but the concept is way beyond and different from that. Outsourcing involves making the right hiring decisions, using the right resources for training, giving out the right benefits and more. In the case of crowdsourcing, it is voluntary and open for all. This means, overhead costs are low and there would be high agility for problem-solving too.

2. There are many sources and portals online which let companies post such challenges and jobs, and also allow people to work on the assignment too. For example, giving someone feedback on web development and layout, rating the websites interactive and responsive features, product descriptions and creating online catalogues for the e-commerce portal online, crowdsourcing uses them all


Does your business need crowd sourcing?

For a wide range of jobs and tasks allocated, maybe testing something new or making a preview on a product, service or information for better clarity, crowdsourcing would be helpful to use. Crowdsourcing brings feedback from real customers out there, making one’s venture and it’s offerings stronger.

Take a look around and there would be so many reputed companies using crowdsourcing to make product ideas work wonders for the company and the business at large. IT and software companies these days use crowdsourcing to engage with clients, and use the feedback of those who have used the company’s products. This helps the business come up with strategies and plans to develop newer features that hep address the market needs and the end customer’s needs at large.

Right from making a request on collaborating with traditional ways on doing business to seeking more help on everything around, crowdsourcing delves into the diverse and large segments of population in the market where willing and waiting participants want to take up the challenge on a number of tasks thrown at them. Hence the relevance of crowdsourcing makes sense in this day and age.

What is Crowd-sourcing?

Too many cooks can bake a nice pie - Crowd-sourcing

When many people are brought together for a project, Crowd-sourcing happens. This would also be a way to engage and rake in benefits on a long term basis. For example, with nonprofit ventures and educational hubs, authorities concerned would use tactics of engagement, perhaps involve people for an online study group, and collect stamps for a project, photographs for a history scrapbook, maybe together work on deciphering an old ancient scroll and more. It could also involve participating and interacting with the whole team of people in more ways than one, usually online these days. Crowd-sourcing has many facets, namely;

Collaborating and competition

Most important frameworks for any project, competition attracts many from across all corners who want to win something, a prize for example. It would be on the basis of objectives that the competitions as such would be held, not on the candidate’s profile, background or work experience. By collaboration it is meant that individuals would be in the project, but as small fish in the large ocean.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the boons of Crowd-sourcing would be to bring in the best results and of high quality that too. This is because there would be many from various nooks and corners, contributing support, skills and ideas, one of a kind. With the help of Crowd-sourcing, one gets to select the cream from the many that come in, au contraire to what you would otherwise find from one provider or source.

With Crowdsourcing one can expect results to be efficient, faster and sooner, much more than what the traditional ways can offer. Consider Crowdsourcing to be freelancing, where the job is done in no time, an idea comes about in a jiffy and small tasks are managed with the wave of a hand.

However, with Crowdsourcing one needs to set their priorities right and hence clear instructions should be given out. There would be thousands of ideas that would pour in, and it could be a pain to deal with them all. Sometimes there are complications understanding the instructions, especially to the novices around.

Spec work is important in some domains of Crowdsourcing, and not everyone would want to follow this rule. Expectations need to be set right from the beginning, so that proper judgments and well-informed decisions can be made.

It would be wise to check with experts on Crowdsourcing, read blogs and forums online for more information and help. This would then bring about a fair idea about the term, how to best use it and where to look for such help. Everything looks large, but Crowdsourcing involves people in smaller fractions to make the picture large, hence think and apply the thought wisely.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blogmint is all set to kick-start first ever blogger driven sports extravaganza on the web!

Being a pioneer in blog crowdsourcing, we are thrilled to present the first-of-its-kind live blogging contest inspired by the mega-event of the year -- the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

How exactly does this concept work?

It all started with an idea, wherein each expert blogger is assigned a FIFA World Cup team. As the teams go neck-to-neck on the field, the enthusiastic bloggers also compete against one another on the digital playground i.e. Blogmint. Each blogger is required to post a match review of their assigned team within 12 hours from the final whistle and the blog-post with the higher page-views comes out victorious.

The blogging contest will follow the same structure as that of the world cup in Brazil. Replicating the same groups in the cup competition, the bloggers will first collide in the group stages and the top two bloggers from each group shall progress to the knockout part of the event. The parameter that decides a bloggers’ progression to the advanced stages of the competition is simply the number of page-views they can garner for their posts.

A dedicated contest page on Blogmint will highlight all the relevant information related to the Blogger World Cup such as match schedules, live scores, past results and an up-to-date points table.

The journey to the finals of the Blogger World Cup is a rewarding one with the winner bagging a mega cash-prize of INR 50,000.  The runner-up and the second runner up contestants would also qualify for INR 25,000 and INR 10,000 respectively.

The 32 bloggers have been selected and the stage is set for an enthralling phenomenon.

Come and witness the live action only on Blogmint!