Monday, 28 April 2014

Blogs: The main content influencer on social media

As per a study released by LinkedIn, over three quarters of businesses using content marketing are publishing through blogs.

With the rise in social media communities and networks across sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many other networks, several analysts had sounded the death knell for the blog. However, the reality is that the blog is far from dead - figures from the LinkedIn report show
that 76% of content marketers are using blogs.

Findings from the LinkedIn report find support in several other studies which have attested to the fact that consumers are turning to blogs when looking to make a purchase.

Blogs rank favorably with consumers for trust, popularity and influence. More and more consumers are exploring new blogs to seek reviews and advice on product information.

Studies have shown that readers turn to blogs to make a sound decision before purchasing products like electronic gadgets, apparel and footwear and more as well as deciding on possible travel destinations or to go to a particular restaurant for dining.

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Author of this blog is a Chief Evangelist, Digital with Blogmint  India's first crowd-sourcing platform that brings together Brands, Bloggers and Market Influencers.

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