Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Workshop: Productivity- Mind, Body, The Theatre connect

Introduction to the talk basically conveyed how theatre helps anyone and everyone to be expressive when they try and communicate.
The event basically consisted Activities that were conducted keeping in mind factors like team spirit, hand-eye coordination, non-verbal communication and the art of observation
The activities were mainly focused towards increasing productivity by engaging the mind and body through the use of theatre exercises. It was interesting to see the many different reactions of the audience members when faced with unusual situations.
Tortilla Entertainment are the main group of people behind this particular event and they specialise in training people to be more comfortable with themselves through theatre. At the start of the event it was simply a room full of people who showed up for the event and only after 45 mins it was more like a group of friends interacting with each other.
Overall, it was an extremely engaging exercise that was more than helpful for all those who participated.
Anita Mitra, Founder, Tortilla Entertainment is graduate in Mass Communication, Anita has worked in marketing and training throughout a range of corporate and media environments .An experienced actress, Anita realized the value in using role-playing as a training tool and has utilized this in her corporate training work.
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