Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Workshop on Google Adwords, remarketing, Display Ads.

This particular session was a little technical in nature and the hosts from Web Marketing Academy warned the audience about this in advance. As the topic suggests the workshop aimed at familiarising the audience with how Google Adwords functions and what kind of services are provided by them.
Firstly, the team from Web Marketing Academy, discussed the question of what are the different types of networks where advertisements can appear. These are the Google Search Network which includes advertisements on search pages, Google Images, Google Maps and secondly Google Display Network that concerns Advertisements placed on Google owned websites like YouTube and Blogger.
Next, the topic of discussion was in regards with what elements are targeted on these networks. Google Adwords contextualises the advertisements to be placed based on topic, gender, age group, location and browser cookies. Marketers and advertisers can also choose whether their ads are to be placed automatically on a we page or on personally chosen sections of the page and this is called Automatic and Managed placements.
Another chapter in the event was concerning the various types of advertisement formats that are offered by Google Adwords. Anyone who uses the internet must be familiar with these many variations of ads that we witness in the internet. The main kinds are simple text ads, static and rich media ads, user engagement ads, video ads, floating video ads and many more.
The talk was certainly not for a person who is not familiar with the technicalities behind concepts like display ads and remarketing for different channels. Yet there were plenty of people in the audience who had a whole bunch of questions making it an engaging event altogether.
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