Monday, 17 February 2014

Will Social Media be the game changer for the 2014 elections?

A panel of 5 comprising of 3 Representatives of Aam Aadmi Party, BJP and AICC and two Social Media experts take the stage to discuss the role of Social Media in the 2014 Elections moderated by Darlington Jose Hector, Editor, Financial Express.
They responded to queries like “Can Social Media form opinion and translate to votes? What messages are being sent out through Social Media? Does too much information on Social Media lead to a state of flooding your audience or “spamming”?”
“There has been a disconnect between the voter and the leaders who are contesting elections. There is a large part of India who is undecided and irrespective of what has happened so far, there is a way forward with people becoming more aware and making an informed opinion through the advent of Social Media and communication.”
” Social Media is a medium and platform for sharing opinion, feedback and interacting for bringing about change.”
- Prithvi Reddy, Aam Aadmi Party
“People are cynical about politics but when they come together to express themselves by posting on Social Media is a political act. We are going to have people find a way out through active engagement.” – Rajeev Gowda, AICC Media & IMM Bangalore Professor
“The BJP has been very Social Media forward. Everything about us is out there and though we have been much maligned, we have been very positive throughout. We are listening to people’s opinion through Social Media and initiatives on our website.” – Aparna Patwardhan, BJP
Social Media should not be used like traditional means of information dissemination but rather, as a platform for interaction and networking to bring about positive change and effective governance in the country. A question to ponder on is how successful has Social Media been in reaching the rural voting population of India and changing their opinions and traditional trends of voting decision.
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