Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Using Social Applications For Startups

Arnab Choudhuri took the gathering with him as he once again reiterated how Facebook is an excellent free platform to advertise your product and services. He pointed out that Tripadvisor is a good example of how to use social apps to widen brand presence by generating genuine user generated content that is verifiable and can be easy to relate to for readers and users. Or look at what Amazon does? It integrates your Facebook likes with other services and products available to generate ads related to your choice thus ensuring higher visibility and interest.
He also dwelt on how Twitter has made it easy for people to interact without following other or even be friends unlike Facebook.
And that all the activities on Social Media has spawned a culture of a fast growing breed of developers who are engaged in bringing out functional social applications across platforms and covering a wide range of functions.
He also introduced some very social Apps including Smule – an audio based social network, Talkbiznow – social network for businesses, Recipefy which allows you to trace recipes from across the world and few more like Taptu, Acrossair browser and Comigo which are purely social based applications.
Among the things to consider when creating a social application are:
Community – Who are the audience? Does it serve a purpose?
Conversation – Are people talking about it? Is it engaging?
Collaboration – Who will carry out which role? engagement, distribution, development?
Commerce – The ins and outs of budget and ROI
In other words,
1. Find the social objective
2. Personas – the user experience you create is important to take your product forward
3. Improve and innovate on existing ideas
The angles of consideration are “Me- Mine – Market” – which form the basic tenet of social applications.
We also have to consider the flow, traffic & streams of the Application.
What is your Design pattern? Have your pattern in place.
What is a social enterprise app?
The approach should be “Mobile-Social-Optimised”
- Architecture should account for mobile as a primary device
- Social grace – encourage conversation, chatter feed, interactions, story
- Social enterprose app will create more data so we have to consider data handling, security and social awareness.
A good idea is also to learn how to use and embed preexisting Plugins/widgets/comment boxes to drive engagement
“It is not difficult to make social apps, but the difficult thing is to figure out how to do it.” – Arnab Choudhuri
Arnab’s career spans more then 18 years. After having spent from 1994 to 2007 at different companies in various capacities, he founded Xanadu which is a young & dynamic product development company that thrives on innovation and works on spaces which are already not well established and rather fill existing voids so as to maximize impact for effort.
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