Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Twitter: A jewel in Social Media Crown

This talk by Digital Vidya focused on how exactly does Twitter function and whether or not the people who use this social platform are exercising it to its full potential. The event kicked off with the audience members sharing their experiences on how they engage Twitter in their business strategies.
Through the example of an hashtag ‘#HasJustineLandedYet’ which involved an American lady, Justine Sacco, posting a racist comment, Kapil Nakra of Digital Vidya presented the power that Twitter encompasses. The post made by Justine went viral worldwide during the course of her flight from the United States to Africa simply because it involved a a human element that concerned a mass number of people.
Brands use Twitter for product promotion through various campaigns and contests. The hashtag visibility that accompanies every tweet provides any and every brand a massive visibility quotient and creates trends on Twitter which is otherwise hard to achieve for brand names. It is mostly public figures or thought leaders who receive the maximum amount of following on Twitter. Also, the number of tweets or retweets needed to become a trend on Twitter is rising on an everyday basis.
The talk then explored in detail how different brands try to sustain the visibility of their products or campaigns and they achieve this through constant retweeting and engaging contests for the followers. How do brands use twitter to measure the impact on business? They look at the facts such as increase in the number of followers, amount of brand mentions, reach of branded hashtags, number of retweets and clicks on any URLs posted.
Mr. Nakra then moved on to a subject which was extremely interesting but at the same time somewhat unethical. He narrated an instance in which what an organization did was to use the tweets on Twitter to increase the traffic on their own platform by manipulating posts to make them go viral. The dry run of the campaign was quite successful but the project had to be set aside once complications arose during the scaling-up process.
Lastly, the talk spoke about how Twitter is not free from it’s own set of problems that stare the social media website in the face. The rate of growth of the social media platform is shrinking and the engagement within twitter is also going down. Also, a ton of fake or inactive accounts make up the total number of profiles that exist in Twitter.
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