Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Timeline contest and internet gratification

Do contests on Facebook Timeline really engage the audience? If so, how does one conduct successful contests?
Facebook announced in 2013 that brands can host/promote contests and engage users through steps such as likes as voting mechanisms, messaging the page, posting on the page etc.
So what are the different types of timeline contests that brands may use to engage with it’s followers?
Let us have a look below:
1) Like to win: which means if a user likes the post he/she gets a chance to win a prize.
2) Comment to win: which takes matters a step forward by providing feedback and reviews.
3) Most likes on comment to win: this basically promotes quality comments.
4) Like and comment to win: which basically doubles the engagement.
5) Giveaways provide an incentive for users to enter into a contest.
6) Trivia makes a user learn about the brand or a product.
7) Photo comments again promote specialised content.
8) Apart from using Facebook as a platform, brands may promote contests on a website or a blog.
Let’s delve into some of the challenges encountered while hosting a timeline contest. Obviously, going through a pool of comments and likes becomes a tedious task and analysing the data collected is also another obstacle for page owners.
Services such as Promo Factory help to drive a Facebook contest by providing solutions to tasks such as collecting entries, processing the information and drawing a winner.
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