Monday, 17 February 2014

The Future of now-Neville taraporewalla

“Technology is changing our lives in the way we use Social Media to connect with others, share ideas and get things done.” ‎Neville Taraporewalla, General Manager-India, Advertising & Online at Microsoft highlighted the emerging technology trends. He spoke about how Mobile devices are getting more and more smarter with better computing powers to enable connectivity for users.
He pointed out that technology is going to make the computing power of your mobiles in such a way that it is going to actually help you to get things done once you hit the “Search” button.
At Microsoft, efforts are being made to allow consumers to go “from searching to doing” through their devices in the near future.
Microsoft recognizes that Technology is reacting to trends and these trends are shaping the designs of devices.
Starting with computers, Microsoft is working to build a family of unified devices which will have a uniform feel across platforms and easily connected on Cloud.
According to an online survey of over 8000 consumers, the following trends have emerged which will influence the design of devices being developed.
1. Value me : Many consumers are open to sharing their information if they are rewarded for it.
2. Create a culture: People want to create and be involved. People want to have the freedom to play around with their devices and even reassemble it, share it and feel good about it. People wanting to do their own things with their devices.
3. Niche Network: Consumers want to be part of a network that gives access to information and allows sharing of information/expertise/teachnology
4. Age of Serendipity- People want to be inspired by a Spark! There is a feeling of urgency to do things “Right now”. Consumers wanting to do something on their own without waiting for technology.
He once again stressed on Microsoft’s vision to build a family of products and devices to ensure that they are unified in design and connected by cloud, taking into consideration the wishes and feedback of consumers. He wrapped up with a short clip highlighting the message that “With a little imagination, anything is possible.” when it comes to integrating technology with making life better for people.
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