Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sustaining Engagement and conversations on social

“In this digital age, engagement and conversation on social media is extremely crucial for any brand.”
88% marketers want to know how to better engage with their audience on social media.
-In the 21st century brands need to he more adaptive.
-From a campaign to a viral campaign to a big viral campaign is a very brand oriented way of thinking. 76% marketers think they know what customers want. 34% have actually asked the consumer what they want.
Before you start any campaign, you should
- Understand your target audience
- Evaluate your brand reputation
- Gather valuable consumer insights
A need based evaluation is necessary for any brand.
People: asses the customers’ social activities
Objective: what to accomplish
Strategy: how relationships with customers will change.
Technology: which social technology to use.
Goal: qualitative and qualitative goals.
Metrics: a way to measure the results actually achieved against targets.
Tips for Goal setting
Be Specific
Make it Measurable
Know Attainability
Be Relevant
Make it Time Bound
Common mistakes in goal setting
> Unrealistic
> Far too many goals
> Unspecific
> Not writing them
Effective 2 way communication has to be established, namely – Visual communication and Influential communication.
** Video content has been found to have 40 times more penetration that text or audio.
**People don’t buy things, they join things!! They want to be included and a part of conversations.
2014 has been declared the year of influencers.
As Influencers, content creators have to :
- Build awareness
- Build credibility
- Create emotional communication
- Create loyalty
- Super advocate
And Brands have to work at influencing the Influencers.

Udit Malhotra, Digital Strategist, Brand & Consumer Practice, Genesis Burson-Marsteller helps brands engage online with their fans, and consumers on a continuous basis. Udit helps brands and organizations to structure, plan, and implement activation or launch products and services with engaging campaigns.
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