Monday, 17 February 2014

Social Media for Social Change


Social Media Week Bangalore Day 1
Monday 17th February 2014
Social Media for Social Change.
3.00 – 3.30 pm
The Leela Palace, Bangalore
Speaker – CVL Srinivas
The session started with the example of how Superbowl, apart from being the biggest sporting event in US, is also a great platform for real-time marketing of brands. The Jaguar campaign #itsgoodtobebad garnered a lot of publicity, so much so that it that other brands tried to unethically capitalize on it popularity. Due to this, special measures were taken to maintain the distinct authenticity of the event.
Mr. Srinivas believes that social media is fueling TV viewership and the impact will only increase. With 220 million internet users in India with 60% in digital, the belief is well-backed. He also said that “the lines are blurring between tactics and strategies, between advertising and content, and dare I say even between agencies and clients.”
The crux of the session came with the Tata Tea Jaago Re “The Power of 49″ which emphasizes that almost 49% of the illiterate population in India is women and their power to vote can influence how the country functions. The campaign intend to bring forth female TV stars who have a high level of influence and reach and make them the advocates of this cause.
The session concluded with a highlight on the brands mantras -
-> Building a digital culture is important
-> Data, content and technology should be well invested in
-> The focus should always be on listening
-> Breaking hierarchies helps bridge the gap
-> Focus should be on “Push to Pull” communication
-> Online-offline integration is very much essential for better effect.

The level of popularity that social media carries at present makes it the perfect vehicle for initiating social change in the present day and age that can influence masses on a much larger scale. The framework of social media is already there so its all about utilizing the medium for greater good of initiating social change.
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