Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sex, Sexting & Social Media

A panel discussion on sex, sexting and social media happened here at Fava, where the panellists were:
Prasad Virappa , Namarata and Samrit Gill and the moderator was Apoorv who has also written a book recently.
Social media has made people’s sex life exciting. With social media, sexting has taken a hygienic way of having an affair. Here you get involved with people with whom you may have never interacted in your real life. You get the freedom and independence to do or say something which you will never do in person. You get to live another life. Young people even share with their friends and show them how are they flirting with another person or what are they texting.
Samrit says she has learnt a lot from social media about all intimate stuff as India being a country where people are a little reserved in talking about sex and related stuff. She never had the courage to ask her parents about it or go and pay a visit to a doctor regarding the same. So, here social media has helped her.
Namrata feels that nowadays sexting has become a virtual foreplay. People are more open these days and talk about casual sex, sex buddies etc openely. People are opening up. She feels texting in a way is different than a phone call.
But not everyone supports the same idea, some say they would be same when they are texting or speaking over the phone.
People get involved in virtual relationships as they get to live a fantasy live here which they always wanted to live.
It has been a trend these days to change the profile picture on facebook three times in a day. People change pictures to seek approval from others. To project an image of what they want others to see in them. They are trying to fit into a group. In short, they are trying to validate their existence.
Another trend that has come up these days is to take self pictures through your own phone. It keeps you motivated. It makes you take the control of how you look in front of others.
Social media enables you to keep in touch with people, it enables you to see people who share the same interests or have the same personality as you. But the art of conversation is dying nowadays, the conversations are more direct and straight to the point.
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