Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Respect your audience!- social media DO's and Dont's for startups by Arshya Laxman

It’s every entrepreneur’s golden goose, to gain as much information as they can, to start off their baby, what are the dos and don’ts? How do you see your idea grow? How do you get to it go viral?
It’s only natural to admire and be in awe of successful people, today being Arshaya Lakshman, CEO of Futurecon.
Her ideas and strategy doesn’t come straight out of a textbook, it’s thought through from learning from her customers. She believes social media cannot be a stand alone plan and should involve everything from packaging to service- involve! Her next might surprise you- all of us narcissistic souls out there- she says stop the ‘me talk’.
It’s interesting how she points out, that you should connect to your customers through their social platforms. Are they readers? Then have a blog! The more focused you are on your platforms then the better you are at reaching out to your target customers.
Plan, plan and more planning! Our mothers tell us that too! It’s absolutely necessary to plan your social media content, it allows you to make space for conversations and measurement. Note: measurement only comes when you have a plan!
We’ve heard it before- content is king! Don’t rush into it and instead focus on what you want to say. Lakshman creatively has ‘content buckets’, which allows her to have a pool of ideas and thoughts- so you always have something to share.
She also stresses on having a budget for all your platforms. No point putting money where it doesn’t grow, right? Once you set some goals, you’ll know where you need to put some moolah, facebook ads or twitter ads, or both!
Her last point says ‘respect your audience’, it is absolutely necessary! And stop selling all the time, sometimes a little fun can get you a longer way.
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