Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Preparing to taking the social plunge

This session provided some valuable insights about a marketer’s perspective on social media as a medium of marketing a brand. Exposure to social media is free for a user but for a marketer, it is a challenging task with the strategizing and financial restrictions involved.
Currently, the major roadblocks that marketers are –
-> Improper goal setting by a brand
-> Lack of stakeholder agreement
-> Social media as a standalone does not work
-> Level of success is undefined
The first major point of consideration before a brand takes the plunge is to analyze whether social media is needed or not. The stats that 70% people listen to experiences of other people and 65% of consumers interact with a brand through social media makes it even more difficult for a brand to come to a decision regarding this. However, that is an assessment that is essential for a brand to make on the basis of their target consumer group and viability to business.
As a brand or an agency handling the brand, it is important to listen to what your audiences want and align their digital marketing strategy in line with that. Even more crucially, what can be done to bring about this social media maturity? Some of the suggestions put forth in the session for this were: -
* Having the right attitude towards social media
* An understanding of the kind of structure that is required to execute social media strategy.
* Long term goals for social media should be well-integrated with the overall marketing strategy.
* Employees should be well aware of the social media strategies that their organization follows.
The question that now remains – As a brand, are you ready to take the social plunge?
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