Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mobile environment and social-media marketing-Adhvith Dhuddu

Why is the mobile so important? Well you get to read this because I’m typing it straight off my mobile! Adhvith Dhuddu talks about why mobile marketing is so important. He states 50 out of 90 million Facebook users access it through their mobile. From playing games to surfing the net, most of us use our handy phones.
Consumption of information is mostly driven through mobiles and tablets. However creation of content is still created through our laptops or desktops.
He takes us through various case studies that display how consumers are embracing mobile interaction. He discusses the difference between mobile apps, a optimized mobile site and a responsive site. If your contest is short lives then you don’t want to spend too much time developing an app, a responsive mobile site would work better. Also work with what’s in your budget.
Competitions and offers are a great way to create engaging campaigns focused on mobile marketing.
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