Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How many social media experts does it take to change a bulb?

Ten years ago, Media Campaigns were largely experimental until you got it right. In the new age, there is not room for trail and error. Because you are being talked about right now.
Social media is not a platform, it is a conversation! – Shyam Nair
There is a clear shift from push to pull when it comes to engagement with your audience. Brands now have to start involving audiences in the creative process to engage them.
A conversation is taking place. It’s all about “What is trending?” “The only thing constant in life is change and the sooner we embrace change the better.” – seems to be the new Mantra and brands have to incorporate this spirit in their Media Campaigns.
In the last few years, there has been a wind of change on social media.
Looking at Facebook, the new trends are as follows:
1. Graph search – gives you and idea of what people are talking about? which Locations are being discussed? Trending topics?
2. The hashtag# Inspite of privacy settings, a hashtag makes content universal.
3. Newsfeed algorithm – where facebook throws up things based on your interest,
4. News source : People are consuming news through social media. On an average, a person checks his newsfeed on a smartphone 150 times a day. Imagine the prospects?
Twitter has become an ad platform for brands. Brands have seen upto 22% increase in sales following engagement with consumers on Twitter.
Posting of images in consumers’ stream translates into free promotion and endorsements
A new trend is lead generation cards.
Linkedinhas proven to be a boon for Human Resources to reach new talent in a consolidate pool of contacts. Sponsored updates via Linkedin becomes a base of knowledge sharing. A new feature called Showcase pages allows brands to showcase and highlight new products and services as opposed to an “about us” page that is run of the mill space for basic information.
Youtube has taken the lead in becoming a Multi platform with a One channel design web plan.
It’s now all about integration and not diversification!
Consumers don’t visit websites or fanpages anymore unless they have a specific requirement. They rely on newsfeed from their personal contacts and information networks. They visit forums and social communities for word of mouth reviews and make decisions based on these interactions. Influencers now play a key role!
Stop pushing content down people’s throats! People will come to you if you make your content interesting! The focus should be on making your content more viable and relevant.
Twitter poses a challenge to brands by not allowing creation of communities on twitter. But when a good thing gets going, there is not stopping the trending. It is always good to know where opportunities of an interaction can be.
Integrated offline and online.
How to make your Social Media campaign engaging?
> Distribute content across multiple platforms.
> Diversify width of communication.
> Identify your real Brand ambassadors – Your followers and employees! Engaging relationship to get tangible returns. Engage with key influencers, advocates and online promoters to increase your visibility, engagement and ROI.
Things to keep in mind:
>Healthy mix of outbound and inbound marketing! Channel your outbound to increase inbound!
>Digital exposure to in-store sales! Make the most of consumers’online access to your in-store offers!
>Map constant changes in consumer behaviour.
> Move to mobile first strategy thus strengthening mobile access.
> Increase user generated content.
> Increase location marketing.
Shyam Nair is an Entrepreneur, Brand Management Consultant, and Social Media Specialist, among a few things. Currently based in Bangalore, he has over the past 12 years of his career worked with McCann Relationship Marketing, New Delhi, IKEA, Melbourne and Direxions Loyalty Marketing, Gurgaon before joining Spry as Director – Planning and Creative Strategy.
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