Monday, 17 February 2014

How Good Is Your Social Media Gyan? Presenting "the unquiz" by unmetrics

The last session for the day also happened to be one of the most engaging ones of the lot. The talk was hosted by Ranjini Ramachandran of Unmetric and the panelists included Nidhi Bhasin from TVS Motor Company, Karthik Nagarajan of Group M and Shivraj Subramaniam from Madura Lifestyle and Fashion.
Wittily named, The Unquiz, the talk engaged the audience in quite an interesting manner by adopting a quizzing format. The audience was divided into three different sections each led by one of the panelists. The questions for the quiz were composed using the analytical data gathered by Unmetrics on how brands have performed on various social media handles in the last year or so.
Questions like ‘Which of the following brands experienced a growth of 3.00% after releasing a video with a new brand ambassador?’ and ‘Which brand garnered the most number of likes on social media for an advertisement following the Supreme Court judgement on Section 377?’, were directed at the three teams.
After an entertaining and interactive half an hour, it was Nidhi Bhasin’s team that scored the highest and the winning team’s members played out a final quizzing round among themselves in order to find a winner. Finally, the quiz was won by three people and everyone from the winning team took home an interesting prize.
Overall, it was a session that was highly informative and focused on learning and getting the message across in a manner that was quite refreshing for the audience.
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