Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Future of Online Engagement,Content Marketing and Lead Generation

The first event of the day was on something that is important for everyone associated with the social media arena.
Getting quality content is the most important aspect when it comes to social media. It is important that the content makes a connect and creates a conversation. However, there is no hard-subbed way to having great content; there is always some hit and trial involved and brands need to understand user reaction to that content and accordingly refocus their content strategy.
Another big challenge for social media marketers is to show demonstrable ROI because that is what the head honchos are concerned with. The most effective selling point is to make them aware of the fact that their competitors are doing it; peer pressure works well. Network effect helps a lot in sharing interesting content. For sustaining the audience on social media, it is about recognizing the right strategy.
A harsh eye opener during the session was never to judge a Facebook page by the number of likes. In technical terminology, it is the work of bots and that is in no way a measure of the organic engagement of audience with a brand.
Coming to the trends, the panelists shared their choice of different channels which keeps them connected and up to date. Apart from the usual suspects in Facebook and Twitter, sites like Buzzfeed (viral content) and Mashable were also popular. The session concluded with the panelists again emphasizing on the importance of creation and effective distribution of quality content as the driver of better social media engagement for brands.
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