Monday, 17 February 2014

"Fitness should be free": Milind Soman in conversation with Lakshmi choudhury

Milind Soman in conversation with Lakhsmi Choudhury, shared on how Social Media has helped him stay fit and healthy and answered questions like “What is the Standard of Health in the country?” and “Can Apps help you stay healthy?”.
“I like to explore and share with people what they can do to keep fit and healthy.” – Milind Soman, Runner, Actor, Model and Film Producer.
He also pointed out how social media platforms like facebook has been able to help him raise awareness and rope in sponsors for unconventional events like Women’s Marathon event for Breast Cancer Awareness Pinkathon which he feels, hasn’t attracted enough support.
“The affluent in India are one step ahead when it comes to being aware about health and using technology to stay fit. But it is a choice you make to keep yourself healthy and fit.”
Pinkathon, an initiative by Milind Soman is an effort to help women to be more aware about their health, Cancer and staying fit. Women can really put the message across in a stronger way with their Children – on health, lifestyle, behaviour and living a balanced life. I wanted women to understand the need for balance in living through sports and physical activities. Walking and running can be a little time for yourself and take care of yourself.
Indian women are not encouraged to express themselves or their needs. Pinkathon is to try to create a movement to encourage women to find their me time.
“Involving women in community running also engages the entire family. Last year’s Pinkathon events had two messages. “That women need to take their health more seriously and that Cancer is treatable if diagnosed early.” This is where social media comes in to help. It is a great tool to create awareness, engage people and get the movement going and find a support system.
“Fitness should be free. To be fit, you don’t really need guidance. You just need to start, focus on how you feel and your body will train itself into fitness as you continue the journey.There is no room for pain. You must feel good.” -Milind Soman
Technology is only a means to an end. It can only get you connected to communities & networks of individuals and information. Use social media to find your comfort zone when it comes to taking care of your health and maintaining it.
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