Monday, 17 February 2014

Entertainment at social media week

It’s 8.30 pm at the Social Media Week at The Leela Palace, Bangalore and Day I has moved from the serious stuff to the Fun Stuff. Sundeep Rao, Standup Comedian takes the stage and gets the people who are busy enjoying the hors d’oeuvres crack up with laughter, at first tentative and slowly growing boisterous. As spirits lifted, the day drew to an end after all the riveting discussions and presentations to give way to a different kind of exchange. Conversation flew easily, introductions, handshakes, snatches of conversation about the day’s sessions while much laughter emanated from the steady flow of wit and humour.
Soon, the much awaited fusion Band Aghor came on stage and rocked the gathering with their brand of Fusion music bringing Day 1 to a resounding end.
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