Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Digital Marketing/Social Marketing for start ups

What is the biggest problem in Digital Marketing?
Content! Reach! Platform! Marketing! Technology! Access!
According to Suresh Babu, the three top challenges for any brand or Startup when it comes to Digital Marketing and Social Media would have to be the following:
1. Access to Information.
2. Engagement.
3. How to use content.
besides Support, Money, mentoring, resources, team building and technology.
For any Digital marketing campaign, the focus is always the Reach, platform, ROI and content.
The solution?
1)An online community that educates on the subject.
2)What we expect might end up as something else while starting up. The functional aspects of Social Media can be challenging and may leave you unsure of what it is going to turn into.
3) Generate content covering all platforms: audio content, video content, images, blogs, PDFs etc. There are so many platforms for sharing and interaction. Identifying the right platform is half the job done. Visibility is not only about how many platforms you traverse rather, how many people you are able to engage despite the channels and platforms you appear on.
4) Choose channels for marketing. SEO, SEM, Mobile, Social Media and Analytics to help you find out where you stand.
5) Goals and objectives. You have to be clear about where and what you intend to do with your efforts. By setting your goals, you get the clarity and can plan the steps you need to take.
Social Media is here to stay as the main platform for pushing marketing in the digital arena. Content can come in different formats but the medium of Social Media will prove to be an effective tool in the years to come.
Suresh Babu is the founder and CEO of Web Marketing Academy. A training center in Bangalore educating small businesses, students in digital marketing including SEO, Google ad words, analytics. Suresh is a Guest Faculty & Speaker in Universities for Christ University, Archarya B-School. He is also founder & community leader of Online Marketing Enthusiast Community, a community of passionate digital marketing enthusiast in Bangalore, India.
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