Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Design in digital age- Utkarsh Singh

As the topic is very crucial in designing world, it was very well discussed at Fava.
Some of the key points to take away were:
1. Content is central because without it, however good the design it’s of no use. At the same time, it is parallel design too.
2. Image background is a recent trend going upwards.
3. Full screen was very popular some 3-4 years ago compared to now.
4. Today hardly anyone read content unless it is eye catching so design matters a lot.
5. In recent times scrolling a website is gaining a lot of popularity unlike 2-3 years ago when clients were against it.
6. Social media integration is very important and has to be taken into careful consideration while designing website.
7. Share button too is gaining attention as there are many social media platforms now where the brand need to have their presence.
What is a website today?
If you see current trends, it’s very different from the focus of the 90′s. This is because in 90′s people built websites and forgot about it for 4-5 years like they would build a home. But today there is lot of change with the presence of social media platforms which has enabled consumers to go and visit brands’ social media page and then to website, so website has become more or like phone directory where customer will go only to look for specific information.
As always, minimalism of content and more of images that carry a strong message is a continuing trend and this particular trend will never go out of fashion.
Looking at recent trends, responsive web design is something much in trend. For example, like mashable.com where we see just three column, one wider column and 2 small columns. Simplistic in design.
Looking at all these trends we get a question in our mind “For which device to do the designing first?”
1. Desktop
2. Tablet
3. Mobile
So the good way to start is Tablet and along with that we need to consider who is going to consume our content, what type of content our audiences are looking for? And need to take care of text sizes, fonts etc
But still there is a need to maintain multiple platforms for different devices because typography is something which can kill or make our website so for that as a designer, one should know what the primary colors of the brand are and get detailed insights about the brand.
Besides all these things, one more important point is that, as a designer one needs to find the correlation between different aspects of brands and borrow an idea if required to bring out an original new idea.
Utkarsh Singh studied architecture, followed by a 3 year voluntary research on ‘Context & Identity’ covering various creative fields beyond architecture. He founded a ‘dotcom’ in the architecture, real estate and construction industry in 1999. And founded Hyphen Strategic Design in the year 2000.
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