Monday, 17 February 2014

Crowd Fund Your Idea- Pawan Kumar

Director and Filmmaker Pawan Kumar shared insights on Social Media and how he got his Kannada Film Lucia fully crowd sourced through Social Media and released to critical acclaim in 2013, and even winning the Audience Award at the London Indian Film Festival in 2013.
By involving his ‘future’ audience who wanted to be a part of project Lucia, Pawan Kumar got his film to achieve a cult status with a huge following, getting massive media coverage including business dailies and pushing the brand Lucia to break barriers for the Kannada Film Industry.
Around 600 people sent in clips on YouTube to audition for the title song of Lucia, the film.
Trailer of Lucia, the film had 50,000 views on YouTube in 3 weeks. Social media channels Facebook and YouTube worked well for recruiting the Assistant director for the project as well. The crowning glory for Lucia the film, the brand, is that it is the first Kannada film to be released countrywide simultaneously with its release in Karnataka.
Mr. Kumar believes that using social media to sell an idea to the crowd worked because the local population needed a contemporary Kannada movie which they could be proud of. He concluded by saying that although the approach was unplanned, it worked well as effective utilization of the available social media channels helped an idea become a crowd-funded success!
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