Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"Content strategy for B2B enterprises should be to focus on human to human"- Teena Jones Gomes

Why, how, where and getting social, that’s how Teena Gomes starts her talk. How does content reach where your sales folks can’t? How does it help with lead generation, sales, customer acquisition etc. Before we get ahead of ourselves, she says you should focus on the why and not the how! Forget making your competitors your benchmark and instead focus on why you want to stand apart.
Content strategy is not saying you want a corporate blog or that you want 1000 followers. Gomes mentions that every company should have a content strategy that is compelling and concise that focuses on the objectives. Set timelines and deadlines for your objectives.
This content strategy should be shared across sales, marketing and customer relations, so the voice is consistent. Again she mentions that we cannot plan unless we measure.
Segment your content based on company demographics, industry trends, events/holidays, and needs. Figure out your customers preferences, what do they want to see and read? Are industry trends or the Super Bowl more engaging for them?
Align your content to the buying cycle. What is your customers need during a specific time? Let them know that you are an expert in your industry- build buying personas with your customers.
Gomes focuses on not making B2B marketing about “me”. Engage them with the requirements and needs that your clients need.
Use your content to advise, warn, amuse, inspire etc your target audience. She says “if content is fire, social media is gasoline”. She shares statistics that show linkedin, twitter and Facebook are on the top of the list for B2B enterprises. However focus on what works well for your company.
Point to note: use your employees as social advocates. Empower them to propagate your brand, like brand ambassadors. And know social etiquette- no stalking!
She references how SalesForce has an interactive and engaging Facebook page. Whereas Hubspot gets the formula right on most of the platforms.
Gomes ends by noting that the main focus should be on H2H- human to human.
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