Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Content marketing: moving beyond facebook updates?

Content marketing is the process of informing the consumers accurately about a brand or product without any actual sale involved within the loop.
The focus of this talk was to educate the audience on how to take content marketing beyond what we know as the surface functions of social media platforms like status updates and likes.
The intersection between what consumers want and what brands offer is where content marketing occurs. Three channels of content marketing are social, visual and written and together they cover platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.
One way marketing is a thing of the past and it is crucial to know what comes next. That is what the guys from PageTraffic wanted to convey and according to them the keyword here is ‘engagement’. Therefore, it is necessary to utilise social media in more ways than one.
Social content drives traffic towards a brand’s online store and creates a buzz in the marketplace while enabling other areas of marketing like identifying target audiences, reviewing feedback and understanding the trends in society. Therefore, social content is not just nice to have but has become a necessity.
What comes beyond the sharing and the engaging process? Analysis of how the content is being consumed is a follow up step to keep in mind. Next, how is the content being shared and defining patterns within this process certainly gives an insight into how social media reacts to the engagement activity.
Integrating ideas such as return on relationships, emotional connection with audience and brand transparency/authenticity will strengthen the foundation of any social media activity that is undertaken.
In an age where there is a overflow of content from every direction, promotion of content is key. So the point is to engage influencers and bloggers who can provide content outreach, advertising as well as generate content to reach newer and wider audiences.
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