Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Changing Paradigms

Before getting into the gist of what this session was all about, here’s a question – What is a Paradigm Shift? To define it simply, a Paradigm Shift is a complete change in the way you perceive things. To elucidate this statement, Mr. Senthil Anand, Head-Account Management at KRDS Social Media agency, gave a simple yet convincing hypothetical scenario.
“A person buys a packet of chocolate and goes and sit on a bench, keeping the packet besides him. Just then, another person comes and sits there, opens the packet and starts having those chocolates. This leaves the first person perplexed as to how someone can do something like this. And to add insult to injury, he even offers those chocolates to the first person. At that time, he puts his hand in his pocket and realizes that he had kept his packet there itself.
This realization of his changes his perception of the situation from being desolated to appreciating the giving gesture of the second person.”
Social media has seen a similar paradigm shift since it first came into being. Before 2000, the only medium for brands to advertise and promote was broadcast and print media. But at present, social media as a medium plays a big role in changing brand perception and influencing buying decisions. A great example of such influence is the “Swaad Zindagi Ka” campaign by Cadbury which changed the popular perception that chocolates is for children to chocolates means celebration.
In this PULL marketing era where consumers are attracted to brands rather than brands being forced onto them, Facebook ads has helped brands focus on target audience and amplify their reach to a large extent. To crisply round it off, the paradigm shift in social media has been from limited avenues of promotion through PUSH MARKETING to a much more tangible approach in PULL MARKETING with lesser media orientation, instant access to information and multiple content creators for a better of exposure to brand audiences through web and social media platforms.
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