Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Building communities around content & stories- Sumit Saurav

It’s been two minutes into the presentation and I already have a story to tell from this one. I’m already and thoroughly engaged, despite it being lunch time. My tummy can wait to be a part of this presentation. He talks about communities, the binding force that holds us all together.
He mentions all communities are unique and believes building content around stories is not enough. Content should meet context. To establish the context you need to know the communities.
He shows us the bra project that focuses on the importance of the bra and what boys think of it. Through this project they’ve been able to engage a social topic and community. The Roobaroo- beyond borders aims to being together youth from Pakistan and India. In both projects they have attacked a context and created a connection. The Facebook page had created a viral buzz, creating conversations amongst college going kids.
Context not necessarily means the ends use, it can be a connection with you and your client- a fine thread that binds you together.
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