Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Awareness of security in social media

This session was possibly the most interesting and unexpectedly intriguing session of the day. Taken by Saket Modi, a self-proclaimed ethical hacker, the target of this session was to underline the need of security in web and social media platforms. Before he started, he was bluntly clear that this session was to bring about awareness rather than scaring the audiences present.
Saket shed light on how security is on the back end of considerations for websites – be it general or e-commerce, when running a business. However, this is where majority of the companies get it wrong. With the socially integrated world that we live in, social media security is basically the stem on which the social media arena grows, so it becomes imperative to take care of it. Turning a blind eye to the security aspect of a social media strategy just leaves it vulnerable to being compromised. Speaking from a hacker’s perspective, he repeatedly stressed on how easy it is for a hacker to get access to your personal credentials which can then be used unethically by him.
He even gave a live demonstration by taking a random Smartphone from the audience for a span of a few seconds and before one would know, he had access to contacts, messages and everything else on that phone. He even disclosed how he did it by downloading a simple APK file and accessed it through an indigenous software developed by his company. This demonstration refreshed Die Hard 4.0 for us.
The crux of this session was well conveyed and equally well received. The lesson learnt – Be aware Give importance to security when utilizing social media avenues on web or mobile.
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