Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Activated Marketing:Are you willing to engage beyond the likes?

Exploration of the possibility of exchanging value- that’s what Sartaj Anand, says marketing is. It involves identifying and fulfilling the unmet/unexpressed needs of people. How do you know what people want?
Anand references Apple, being a classic example of meeting the unexpressed needs of people. No one needed an iPhone, people want it- they crave for it.
He mentions Nike and their future plans to print your own shoes. You must have read about it. Even though the product isn’t out yet, Nike excels at engaging and crating a buzz before the product is actually attainable.
Simon Sinek’s golden circle surfaces in his presentation making us ask and think the obvious- why, how, what! Why- being the root of all need. Why do you need it?
It’s interesting how me mentions the internet has a “bias towards the under dog”. It’s accessible to everyone and not only to Fortune 100 companies. How can a start up battle the big guys? Focus on purpose and not presence. Attack they why- why are you doing what you do?
Anand shares an engaging TNT ad, telling us to focus on the story. Be interactive and try bridge the divide between offline and digital. He also focuses in ‘owning it all’ from concept to execution.
Question is, are you willing to engage beyond the likes?
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