Wednesday, 19 February 2014

10 Ten commandments of product development from social gaming: Karthik Gopal

Did you know 30% of your time spend on your mobile involves gaming?
And did you know 32 is the average age of mobile game players!
Karthick Gopal, breaks down social games to three categories, viral games, causal games and social platform games.
He goes on to give the Ten commandements:
1. Mantras: virality, retention to monetization.
2. Market: unexplored market, catering to a new age group and newer engagement techniques.
3. Innovate: find opportunity. What can you do differently?
4. Scale: prepare for scale. Think big, forget the millions, think about the billions.
5. Data: metrics are for doing, not sharing. Measure to learn and fix.
6. Develop: lean teams, smart teams. CEO of functions, let them have the complete power to execute their fields.
7. Ubiquity: availability across all platforms, so you don’t loose out on customers.
8. Mobile: have a presence on the mobile. Have mobile designed websites.
9. Social: integrate social to your product. The stars and likes on your product pages let you know what others think of it.
10. Trends: are you moving along with the trends? Virtual reality is soon to be a core in gaming.
Karthick also insists you should play candy crush!
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